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Know the Rules before Bringing a Car to Campus

Student Resident
Student Commuter
Student Carpool
Economy Graduate Resident Parking
Occasional and Evening Parking
Temporary Permit for Family Visitors

Student Resident

Please note that although Student Resident Parking permits are available to upper class undergraduates and graduate students, residents are discouraged from bringing cars to MIT due to the scarcity of parking spaces on campus. Please consider leaving your car at home and using public transportation. Cambridge has excellent bus and subway service, and MIT has many shuttles available.

Undergraduate and graduate students must fill out the online application in order to obtain a parking permit.

Student Resident Parking permits for graduate students are directly tied to their residential facility: Eastgate, Westgate, Edgerton, Green, Ashdown, NW30, NW86, and Tang.

Note that the number of parking spaces allocated to specific MIT residences may be restricted. First-year undergraduate students are not permitted to bring cars to campus. In addition, residents of some independent living groups and those who live at 100 Memorial Drive are not eligible for resident parking.Students living in Cambridge FSILGs

There are five on-campus FSILGS. In several cases, the lease includes some allocated parking spaces with an annual cost specified in the lease. For example, Zeta Psi at 233 Mass Ave. has five North allocations in their lease at a cost of $75 per year each. If more residents of Zeta Psi want parking, they must go through the regular online application process and pay the regular Student Resident Parking permit fee.

When parking is not in the lease, an on-campus FSILG resident may buy a Student Resident permit at full price.

Student residents with family

Campus residents, either student or resident employees living in Eastgate or Westgate with small children, are eligible for a family tag as well as the Student Resident permit. Based on your campus residence, you will automatically receive the family tag when you apply for parking.

Sharing a permit

Student residents who need to share a permit to a gated area with someone else can authorize that person on the permit. Refer to Special Permits and Rates: Additional Parker.

More than one vehicle

Unlike commuters, residents with more than one vehicle must pay the full campus resident rate for each vehicle.

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Student Commuter

Except for first-year undergraduates, all students who drive to campus, including those who live in Boston/Brookline FSILGs, are eligible for a Student Commuter permit for the Westgate Lot. Student Commuter parking permits will not be issued to anyone who already has a residential space.

Students who commute by car may apply online for a parking permit. You must bring proof of off-campus residency to the Parking and Transportation Office when picking up your permit.

Student commuters are eligible to apply for the SmartWay Elite discount.

Non-Resident (out-of-state) Students

Students with out-of-state plates who wish to drive in Massachusetts beyond an initial thirty-day period must first determine their eligibility and obtain a Massachusetts Non-Resident Student Permit. Students qualify for a Non-Resident Student Permit if they meet the following definition of "student" under Massachusetts law:

"Student – any person enrolled full-time in a school, college or university, but not including any fully registered medical practitioner or any person enrolled in a school, college or university for the purpose of pursuing advanced or post graduate studies or on the job training under any fellowship program, or receiving compensation beyond the actual tuition costs of such schooling. In doubtful cases, the registrar may determine whether or not this definition applies."

More information from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles on non-resident status is available at the Parking and Transportation Office, E17-106.

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Student Carpool

A more economical way of commuting to MIT by car is to carpool. Once you have formed a carpool, apply for a Student Carpool parking permit by filling out the Student Carpool Parking application and submit it to the Parking and Transportation Office, E17-106.

Student Carpool parking permits are available for the Westgate Lot only.

If you need help forming a carpool, consider signing up for NuRide, a carpool-matching service provided through MassRIDES, to find other MIT students or employees near you who are interested in carpooling.

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Economy Graduate Resident Parking

The Economy option is once again available to Graduate Students who elect to park in the gated Westgate Lot. The application process has two steps:

  1. Apply for a Westgate Resident permit online via Atlas.
  2. Then, send an email to requesting Economy Westgate Parking.

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Occasional and Evening Parking

The Occasional/Evening parking permit is intended to meet the needs of students who normally use other means of commuting. Learn more about obtaining and using an Occasional and Evening parking permit.

Student Occasional/Evening parking permits are available for the Westgate Lot only.

Students should apply online for an Occasional/Evening parking permit. Occasional/Evening parking permits may be paid for using a bursar’s (student) account or by credit card in the Parking and Transportation Office.

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Questions about obtaining a Student Permit

The Parking and Transportation Office can answer most of the questions you have about parking permits, locations, and rates. Contact them at or 617-258-6510. Our office is located in Center, E17-106. Additional information may be obtained from one of the Parking Coordinators listed below.

MIT undergraduate students

Undergraduate Housing Office, W59-200,

MIT graduate students

Graduate Housing Office, W59-200,

Graduate resident tutors and graduate resident coordinators

Jennifer Meredith, Residential Education, W59-200,

FSILG residents

Jennifer Meredith, Residential Education, W59-200,

Heads of House and Scholars in Residence

Heads of House and Scholars in Residence who require Campus Resident permits should contact Jennifer Meredith, Residential Education, W59-200,

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 Apply Online
 Parking Rates for 2017-2018 (pdf)


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