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MIT parking regulations and enforcement

Paying for a ticket
Appealing a ticket
Parking regulations
Traffic violations and penalties
Snow emergency
Parking account suspension

Paying for a ticket

Pay your violations online via your parking account or in person via credit card at the Parking & Transportation Office in E17-106.

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Appealing a parking violation citation

If you believe youíve received a violation in error, you must appeal online within 30 days via your parking account.

The Violation Appeals Committee meets twice per month to view and discuss any submitted appeals for consideration to approve or deny the appeal request. An email notification will be sent to the parker confirming the decision of the Committee. The decision of the Committee is final. If the appeal is denied, the parker is expected to pay the violation or be subject to potential suspension of parking privileges.

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MIT parking regulations

  • The speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour.
  • The speed limit in parking facilities is 5 miles per hour.
  • Parking is allowed in car stalls designated by painted lines.
  • "All Lots" parking account holders are not allowed to park in signed Reserved Spaces.
  • Any area marked no parking, loading zone, reserved, residential, etc., is enforced as such 24 hours a day unless otherwise stated.
  • Vehicles unclaimed for 30 days may be disposed of at the expense of the owner.

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MIT traffic violations and penalties

The following violations will be ticketed and charged the corresponding penalty:

  • Parking over time limit for zone – $20.00
  • No permit for this area – $30.00 (if two cars registered to a single parking account are parked on campus, this violation applies)
  • Parking in area not marked for parking – $20.00
  • Blocking roadway, driveway entrance, or crosswalk – $30.00
  • Parking in a no parking zone – $30.00
  • Parking or driving on sidewalk or lawn – $30.00
  • Blocking fire lane or hydrant – $40.00
  • Parking in reserved space – $40.00
  • Blocking loading zone or dumpster – $50.00
  • Parking in area reserved for disability plates and placards – $50.00
  • Blocking wheelchair ramp – $50.00
  • Driving to endanger – $50.00
  • Speeding – $50.00

Failure to pay fines may result in towing and/or loss of parking privileges.

Even if a vehicle is driven by another party, the faculty member, staff member, or student who registered and holds the parking account associated with the vehicle is responsible for any and all violations.

Any person with four or more outstanding parking violations may be towed and/or may lose parking privileges at MIT.

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Your car might get towed (at your expense) under certain circumstances. These circumstances include:

  • Any vehicle parked improperly or without a parking account. Institute parking areas are continuously monitored by MIT Police and the MIT Parking & Transportation Office.
  • A vehicle with four or more unpaid (and unappealed) tickets parked on MIT property. (The fourth ticket issued will include notice that a fifth violation will result in the vehicle being towed.)
  • Any vehicle parked at any time in a location which endangers life or property or hampers the movement of emergency vehicles or other traffic flow (such as fire lanes).
  • Any parked vehicle that impedes the movement of delivery trucks.
  • Any vehicle parked on the sidewalk or blocking a trash compactor or dumpster.
  • Any vehicle that blocks Cambridge street cleaning.
  • Any vehicle without a license plate parked at any time on MIT property without permission granted by the Parking & Transportation Office.
  • Any vehicle that doesnít have extended parking permission and is parked for more than four consecutive days without being moved.

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Snow emergency

During snow emergencies, MIT requests that all cars be moved to indoor lots so that the outdoor parking areas may be plowed.

  • During a Cambridge snow emergency, parking will be prohibited on designated emergency arteries. Many streets in the MIT area are part of an emergency artery, as indicated on permanent street signs. If you are parked during a snow emergency on a street where parking is temporarily prohibited, you may be towed.
  • Any vehicle parked off-hours in a permit-required location, especially during a snow emergency, may be subject to towing at the owner's expense.
  • Information concerning snow emergencies may be obtained by visiting MITís Emergency Information page or calling 617-253-SNOW. If you have questions about parking during a snow emergency, call the Department of Facilities Customer Service Center at 617-253-4948.

Please refrain from leaving your car in an MIT parking lot for the duration of a storm. MIT parking lots may not be used as an alternative to street parking during a snow emergency.

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Parking account suspension

If you have four or more outstanding (unappealed) parking violations, your parking account may be suspended and/or your car may be towed if it is parked on MIT property. You can pay violations online via your parking account or in person via credit card at the Parking & Transportation Office. If you wish to appeal a violation citation, you must appeal within 30 days via your parking account.

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