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Visitor parking at MIT

The number of visitor parking spaces on campus is limited, and it may not be possible to accommodate every visitor who wishes to park at MIT. Therefore, we strongly recommend using public transportation when visiting the MIT campus.

Daily visitor parking

A limited number of one-day scratch cards is available for employees and students to purchase for visitors. Parking Coordinators and designated employees with the ability to spend and commit funds may purchase visitor passes and scratch cards online through the parking app. Employees and students without this ability may purchase scratch cards by visiting the Parking & Transportation Office at the Atlas Service Center, Building E17-106.

Public parking near campus includes metered spaces and several public parking garages. MIT is also easily accessible by public transportation.

Parking for family member, friend, or personal guest

Family members, friends, and personal guests have daily visitor parking options as described above.

Alumnus/alumna parking

An alumnus/alumna visiting MIT for the day can explore the daily visitor parking options described above. MIT alumni (including volunteers) who will be on campus for more than a few days are eligible to apply for affiliate parking on campus.

Department guest parking

Department guest parking may be purchased by a designated member of a department with Spend or Commit authorization online through the parking app or by contacting the Parking & Transportation Office. Two kinds of parking passes are available for invited guests of a department or lab at MITís current visitor rates.

  • Electronic visitor passes for attended lots, available to print or email to the invited guest
  • Scratch cards for lots located at 139 Mass Ave (front), 65 Waverly St, E51, and W98; the visitor must pick up the scratch pass at the Atlas Service Center in E17-106

Note that guest parking is for a department's occasional guests, not for functions with a large attendance. If your department needs to arrange on-campus parking for a large event, contact the Parking & Transportation Office for more information. Guest parking passes may not be issued to MIT employees.

If a department guest reservation is not canceled by 4:45 PM the day before the guest is due to arrive, the Parking & Transportation Office will not be able to refund the cost of the pass back to the department.

Volunteer parking

Volunteers with an MIT account are eligible to apply for affiliate parking on campus. See our affiliate parking page for more information.

DAPER member parking

DAPER members who use the athletic facilities at MIT (Johnson Athletics Center, Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center) can park at Westgate Lot or at the Albany Street Garage (fixed fee of $11.00) from 2:30-11:00 PM on weekdays and all day up to 11:00 PM on weekends. Previously-sponsored DAPER members are eligible for affiliate parking on campus; note that DAPER is not currently sponsoring additional parking accounts. Learn more about affiliate parking.

MIT Health parking lot

  • The MIT Health (formerly MIT Medical) parking lot is for patient parking only. MIT Health patients can validate their tickets at a ticket validation stations within MIT Health and may exit free of charge.
  • Any other visitor exiting the MIT Health parking lot without a validated ticket will be required to pay $60 by credit card at the exit gate. This $60 charge will open the gate and is nonrefundable. Signs about this charge are posted at the parking lot entrance and exit gates.


Department Directory

Parking & Transportation Office

Atlas Service Center
Street Address: 40 Ames Street
Building: E17-106
Hours: M - F, 8AM - 5PM

Phone: 617-258-6510
Phone (after hours): 617-253-2997
Fax: 617-258-6357

Tom Giannino

Robynn Cruz-Walker
Commuter Program Administrator

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