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Utilities: Powering MIT’s Present and Future

The Utilities team maintains MIT’s electricity, heating, and cooling resources. We maintain and operate the cogeneration-based Central Utilities Plant (CUP), which produces much of the electricity, steam, chilled water, and compressed air used on campus. Our staff engineers and operating personnel also collaborate with Repair and Maintenance to maintain the on-campus underground utility distribution systems and electrical substations. We work closely with Facilities Engineering and the Efficiency Forward program to identify and implement energy conservation efforts in new and existing systems, and we plan for MIT’s future energy needs.

Services and responsibilities:

  1. Operate and maintain the Central Utilities Plant, the East Campus Chiller Plant, and the distribution systems for on-campus electrical, heating, and cooling needs
  2. Identify and undertake utility-related energy conservation projects, working to build efficient new systems and implement energy-saving improvements
  3. Plan for utility systems expansion and upgrading with a long-range view toward future energy use
  4. Engineer, design, estimate, and manage construction and start-up services for expansion and maintenance of utilities
  5. Perform all licensing and reporting functions for compliance with government, environmental and utility regulatory requirements
  6. Provide all administrative services for the purchasing, metering, and distribution of costs for electricity, city water, natural gas, chilled water, steam, and fuel oil
 Help reduce energy use on campus
 MIT Efficiency Forward program reduces electricity use on campus


Department Directory


Ken Packard
Director, Utilities

Bernadette Drinkwater
Senior Administrative Assistant

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