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April 25, 2015

Building 1
Building 2
Building 4
Building 6
Buildings 8 and 16
Building 12: MIT.nano
Building 14
Building 31
Building 34
Building 66
Building E19
Building E52
Building NW23
Building W8
Building W15
Building W35
Excavation near Albany Garage
Brigg's Field
Collier Memorial
Utilities Work (at Building 44 railroad crossing)
Utilities Work (Northwest Steam System Repair and Upgrade)
Main Street
Longfellow Bridge
Novartis Cambridge Campus

Building 1

Construction to replace the roof of Building 1 is underway. The roof replacement work is scheduled to conclude by March, but is weather dependent. Work hours will be from 6 AM to 5 PM, with some Saturday work expected. The installation will generate some noise. A crane will be on site periodically for stock deliveries and rubbish removal. While this project is in progress, a staging area will be set up beneath skylights in the third floor hallway to protect pedestrians and a trash chute will be mounted on the north elevation of the building.

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Building 2

Department of Math - East and South Wings

The East and South Wings of Building 2 are closed due to construction activities except to specific lab groups within those wings.

Questions about this work may be directed to Marty Deluga.

Central Stairwell

Work continues around the installation of a new skylight at the central stairwell of Building 2, including drywall and sprinkler work. Staging will remain in place during this work.

Please note, as a safety precaution, the second and third floor stairwell will be closed during work activity but will re-open at the end of each work day. Those requiring access the second and third floors should use the elevator in Building 6 or the stairs in Buildings 4 or 6. The first and second floor stairs will remain open during this work unless closure is required periodically as a safety measure. Work hours will be 7 AM to 3 PM.

Back-up generator in Eastman Court

A back-up generator has been placed in Eastman Court for work related to the Building 2 Math Renovation project and is expected to remain in place through April 10. The generator is located near the intersection of Buildings 6 and 8, not far from the stairs at Building 8 on Eastman Court, and is surrounded by a fence. The placement does not impact pedestrian pathways in the area. The back-up generator will remain in place while work is underway on the existing generator on the roof of Building 8 and would only be used in the event of a local building power outage or NSTAR outage.


  • Frame exterior and install curtain wall at new 4th floor addition
  • Install metal panels and metal cornice work at 4th floor addition
  • Install roofing at low roof (behind existing parapet)
  • Install/repair limestone at north façade of the south wing
  • Deliveries will take place throughout the day at the east construction road (between Buildings 2 and 14) and the Killian Court entry road. Noise expected from trucks and back up horns.


  • Install the final delivery of windows at west ziggurat and basement windows
  • Frame interior wall and install drywall at 2nd and 3rd floors
  • Install MEP systems at 1st and 2nd floor
  • Electrical and mechanical shutdowns will occur, separate notifications will be issued.

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Building 4

Work is nearing completion on the renovation of five offices on the first floor of Building 4. Construction hours are 6 AM - 3 PM. Work in rooms 132,134,136,138 and 140 will include demolition of interior and partial exterior walls and installation of new glass walls. Some noise will occur during construction, with any loud noise ending prior to 7:30 AM.

Questions may be directed to William Mackie.

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Building 6

Facade Renovation

A Building 6 façade renovation is underway. The renovation work will include restoring masonry, rebuilding of fourth floor façade and parapet, and replacing all windows along the west façade of Building 6 (facing the courtyard).

Questions about this work may be directed to Sarah Yazici.

Classroom renovation

The Building 6 first floor lobby and exit onto Eastman Court will be temporarily closed while work is underway to renovate classroom 6-120. The main corridor between Buildings 2 and 8 will remain open during the lobby closure. This project is scheduled to conclude by the end of August 2015. Alternate entrances and exits are available at Buildings 2 and 8, and updated evacuation plans have been posted in the building. The hours of construction are from 6 AM to 2 PM, with the loudest work concluding by 7:30 AM each day. Construction vehicles will occasionally enter Eastman Court to deliver and remove materials. For questions about the classroom renovation project, contact Karen Rennell or Joe Collins.

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Buildings 8 and 16

Temporary work barriers will narrow the hallway near the stairwell between Building 8-2nd floor and Building 16-3rd during the installation of new chilled water lines at this location. Chilled water distribution will not be disrupted during the installation. This work will generate some noise. The temporary work barriers provide a safety barrier around the work.

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Building 12: MIT.nano

The existing Building 12 will be demolished in spring 2015 and construction of MIT.nano is slated to begin in summer 2015. Details can be found in the weekly construction update (pdf).


Demolition work is scheduled to extend to Saturdays beginning on March 28, and to the second shift beginning the week of April 6. This extended schedule is expected to continue for the next 4 to 6 weeks.

Week of 4/6/15 and continuing for 4-6 weeks: 6 AM - 11 PM

Building 16 basement ramp temporary closure

The basement ramp between Buildings 26 and 16 is scheduled to close temporarily during the installation of new electrical circuits. The ramp will remain closed for approximately 8 weeks. Existing electrical feeds are cast in the ramp. The ramp will be demolished, existing feeds removed, and new conduit and conductors installed.

Signs will direct pedestrians to alternate stairwells and elevators nearby. The single elevator immediately next to the closed ramp will remain available for individuals with disabilities only and is not available for commercial, freight, or pedestrian use.

View map of ramp closure and alternate paths.

Vassar Street day-time detour

Work has begun on utilities that run under Vassar Street from the Central Utilities Plant. A one-way detour will be in place daily from Monday through Friday, with the start time varying between 7-9 AM and continuing through 3:30 PM. The start time will be assessed daily based on work plans and weather conditions. This detour is scheduled to be in place through early April. Traffic will be directed one-way eastbound from Massachusetts Avenue in the direction of Main Street. Please seek alternate routes along Albany Street and Ames Street.

Please note: Two-way travel is available westbound from Main Street to the Stata Garage entrance. A police detail will direct traffic in the area.

Main Lot gate change

On January 4, 2015 the parking gate at the driveway between Buildings 35 and 37 was relocated to the driveway between Buildings 9 and 13. All remaining authorized Main Lot permit holders, maintenance and delivery vehicles should enter and exit the Main Lot via the Building 9 driveway on Mass Ave.

Subscribe to weekly construction activity forecasts for the MIT.nano project by emailing, or view weekly updates online.

Excavation projects

Building 38, Vassar St

  • Reference location A on map of work area
  • On Saturday, April 25, work is scheduled to be conducted between the sidewalk and the north façade of Building 38, east of the Building 39 underpass.
  • Work hours will be 7 AM – 3 PM.
  • Work crews will excavate a small dirt area between the sidewalk and building façade. The section of the sidewalk will be unavailable during this work. The bike path will remain available.

Pathway between Buildings 24 and 26

  • Reference location B on map of work area
  • Work is scheduled to begin on Monday, April 27 and proceed through mid-May to excavate an area outside of the Nano work fence on the pathway between Buildings 24 and 26. Work hours will be 7 AM – 4 PM.
  • A pedestrian pathway along the western façade of Building 26 will remain available.
  • Work includes excavating the area, installing conduit, pouring concrete, and filling the trench. This work may generate noise and some dust.

Building 26 underpass

  • Reference location C on map of work area
  • Work is underway to excavate an area near the bike racks outside at the Building 26 underpass.
  • A fence will surround the work area and bike racks will be temporarily unavailable during this work. Note that bike racks adjacent to this work zone will remain available.
  • Work is scheduled to begin Friday, April 24 and continue through the end of May. Work hours are 7 AM – 4 PM.
  • Work includes excavating a pit and preparing the area for installation of steam lines. Drilling and excavating work is expected to generate noise and some dust.

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Building 31

A section of the walking path around the Nano construction site are closed while Building 31 utility work are underway. The path is scheduled to reopen by the end of February. Signs will direct pedestrians around the path closure.

View a map of the closed pathway and suggested alternate routes.

The pathway is being closed during the excavation and installation of utility pipes for Building 31. The excavation area is directly outside the double egress doors on the south side of Building 31, facing Building 13. These doors will be closed during this work. Doors on the remaining sides of Building 31 will remain available. The excavation work will cause some noise and vibration during the sidewalk demolition. Work hours are 7 AM to 3:30 PM

Questions about this work may be directed to Travis Wanat.

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Building 34

Construction to replace the roof of Building 34 is underway. The installation will generate some noise. A crane will be on site periodically for stock deliveries and rubbish removal.

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Building 66

A project to upgrade mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) services in Building 66 is underway. Work will take place on all floors but the majority of the work will take place in the sub-basement. No major disruptions are expected. Dumpsters are scheduled to remain outside the building through the end of June 2015. Fenced in areas will shield the dumpsters from view. Pedestrian access will be maintained around the building. The work hours will extend from 6 AM to 3:30 PM.

Questions about this work may be directed to Paul LeBlanc of Suffolk Construction Company at 617-839-0603.

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Building E19

A complete fire alarm system replacement project for Building E19 began in October 2014 and is expected to continue through the spring. The system upgrade includes installing fire alarm devices in corridors, office suites, conference rooms, and laboratories. Work during the first few weeks will consist of investigating existing conditions and installing risers in mechanical rooms. Work hours will be 6 AM – 2:30 PM. As the project proceeds, project manager Jennifer Combs will reach out to occupants individually to coordinate access requirements.

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Building E52

Week of April 6

Activities continuing from last week

  • Close Wadsworth Street from Memorial Drive to Amherst Street and use as a staging area for construction activities. Occasional noise anticipated from truck back-up alarms.
  • Crane or equipment activities located in E62 loading dock area near E52 while maintaining access to E62 loading docks.
  • Construct interior walls.
  • Install mechanical, electrical and plumbing at interior, roof top, and penthouse.
  • Tape and sand all interior gyp walls.
  • Install curtain wall for stair 3 using part of E62 loading docks.
  • Install bathroom counters.
  • Paint first coat of paint on walls.
  • Install freight elevators.
  • Install ceramic tile in bathrooms.
  • Install chilled beams.
  • Install aluminum door frames.
  • Installation of metal doors.
  • Install ceiling grid.
  • Install roof level ductwork.
  • Install rooftop louvered screen wall at AHU-1.
  • Prep for flooring for tile and carpet.
  • Install ceiling fixtures.
  • Install storm connections on south side.
  • Prep and place terrazzo floor at first floor corridor.
  • Install freight elevator installation.
  • Install sinks and toilets in bathrooms.

New activities

  • Glaze aluminum partitions.

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Building NW23

The building renovation of Building NW23 is underway at 195 Albany Street. A crane is on site to access the roof and existing equipment on the roof will be demolished. Work hours will be 7 AM to 3:30 PM. The renovation has a target completion date of late January 2016. When the project is complete, NW23 will serve as the new home for the Department of Facilities and the Office of Campus Planning.

A former lab building, NW23 will receive new windows, a new roof, and new interior spaces as well as new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The shared main entrance will be completely renovated to create a reconfigured lobby and accessible walkway. As part of this project Building NW22 at 185 Albany Street will receive new windows.

Most of the work will take place inside the building, which will help control noise levels, but the community can expect to hear a moderate level of noise as materials and equipment are delivered to and removed from the site. The process of removing the concrete sidewalk and building entrance is also expected to cause localized noise. In addition, the community can expect increased traffic on Purington, Pacific, and Albany Streets, and a reduced number of parking spaces in the lot just west of NW23 (part of the lot will be used for construction support activities).

During the renovation of the main entrance, pedestrians will be directed to use an alternate entrance. This will be coordinated with the building occupants at a later date once the schedule and alternate route is finalized.

A map of the work area is available.

Questions about this work may be directed to T.J. Fanning at or (617) 324-7132.

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Building W8

Work to replace the roof and soffit on Building W8 (the Pierce Boathouse) is underway.

Questions about this work may be directed to Drew Murphy.

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Building W15

The renovation of the MIT Chapel is near completion and activities and programs taking place inside the Chapel have resumed. Work on the moat renovation are scheduled to complete in April.

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Building W35

On Sunday, March 29, work is scheduled to begin at the W35 Zesiger Center pool to seal cracks in the concrete diving platforms. Construction hours will be 11 PM to 7 AM, Monday-Friday, with some daytime and weekend work. The work is expected to conclude by end of April.

Two of the pool's 8 lanes will close during this work, with the remaining 6 lanes available to swimmers. The diving platforms will be contained within a plastic enclosure and some scaffolding will be in place. The use of a fan (set up inside the enclosure) and ducts will contain any odors or dust. The walkway by the platforms will be narrowed and will continue to be available.

Questions about this work may be directed to Alan Molin at or (857) 998-9142.

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Excavation near Albany Garage

Repair to a steam line that runs under the N10 Annex Lot is underway. This work will require the excavation of two test pits near the southeast exit of Albany Garage. The excavator will be stationed near the west end of the community garden. As a result the walkway on the south side of the garage, adjacent to the community gardens, will be closed during work hours. Detour signs will be posted. The exit from the garage and walkway at the railroad crossing will be available. The hours of construction are from 7 AM to 3:30 PM. The walkway along the community gardens will be accessible from 3:30 PM to 7 AM.

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Brigg's Field

Work on the nets at the edge of the baseball and softball fields will bring the height of the netting from 30 feet to 60 feet. This will provide added protection from fly balls for buildings on Vassar Street across from Brigg's field. Work will occur from 7 AM - 3:30 PM and is scheduled to conclude by the end of March. Questions may be directed to Bob Casey.

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Collier Memorial

Construction is underway for the installation of a permanent memorial to Officer Sean Collier, who was killed in active service to the MIT community in April 2013. The memorial was conceived and designed by Meejin Yoon, Professor and Head of the Department of Architecture at MIT, and is expected to be completed by April 2015.

The memorial will stand at the intersection of Vassar and Main Streets, where there is now a small garden between the Stata Center and the David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research.

Walkways around the site will maintain pedestrian access to the North Court from the corner of Vassar and Main Streets throughout construction. A traffic lane will be maintained between the site and building 76 for emergency and authorized vehicles. Police details and signage will direct pedestrians through the area as needed. Work hours are 7 AM – 3 PM.

Constructed like a complex puzzle around a central keystone, the Collier Memorial will comprise five archways in the shape of a protective yet open hand. As Yoon has designed it, the structure is built of solid granite to embody strength and encompasses a void at the center that evokes the absence of a large figure. Read about the design and engineering of the memorial.

Questions about the Collier Memorial construction may be directed to Paul Murphy.

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Utilities work (at Building 44 railroad crossing)

Utility work is scheduled to restart behind Building 44, next to the railroad tracks that run between Building 44 and the Albany Street Garage (N4). This work includes removing and replacing pipes that are part of the steam system that runs from the area behind Building 44, under the railroad tracks, to the southeast corner of the Albany Street Garage. Manhole covers will also be replaced. The first phase of work concluded at the end of December 2014.

The work is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, April 28 and conclude at the beginning of July 2015 with the restoration of the area for community gardening. Work hours will be 7 AM to 3 PM, with occasional work off-hours. Signage will direct pedestrians around the area and police details will assist when materials are delivered or removed from the area.

The pedestrian pathway from the Albany Garage to Vassar Street (between 44 and 42) will remain open during this work. Please note that the pedestrian pathway between the Albany Garage and parallel to the railroad tracks will remain closed during this work. Pedestrian access to buildings 44, 46, and N4 will remain open. The railroad tracks will remain operational, with work beneath the tracks being conducted via tunnels from either side of the tracks.

Parking spaces behind Building 44 within the fenced in work area will be temporarily unavailable for the duration of the project. Parkers who usually use this area can use any North Area parking, including the Albany Garage. The Parking Office is working to relocate handicap spaces that are located within the work area.

View a map of the work area.

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Utilities work (Northwest Steam System Repair and Upgrade)

Please note that work is scheduled to start on Wednesday, March 25 to remove and replace the old steam system which runs from behind Building W34 to the outside south wall of Building NW13 on Albany Street. Work hours will be 7 AM to 3PM. The project is expected to last seven months, with a target completion date of late October 2015. 

The scope of work includes excavating and removing all existing steam piping that runs between MIT steam manhole 1006 on Vassar Street under the Keolis Railroad tracks to the outside wall of NW13. Once removed, the pipe system will be replaced with new high density polyethylene (HDPE) covered steam lines. During ongoing work, normal pedestrian access to and from the Johnson Athletic Center and the W45 garage will be maintained with the assistance of MIT Police.

View a map of the work area.

Upgrading the existing steam system with new and more efficient marine-compatible steam piping will help ensure safety for pedestrians and MIT personnel while improving energy efficiency throughout the campus.

Questions about this work may be directed to Vaughn Crayton at or (617) 253-5898.

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Main Street

Water Main Lining

The City of Cambridge is conducting water main lining work on Main Street, from Ames St to Wadsworth St.

For questions regarding the Main Street work, contact Kelly Dunn, Community Relations Manager, Cambridge Department of Public Works, 617-349-4870. For more information visit the Cambridge Department of Public Works.

Surface Improvement Project

A surface improvement project on Main Street, between Ames and Third Streets, is underway. This project is being managed by the City of Cambridge. The scope of work includes reconstructed roadway and sidewalks, new vehicular connection from Third to Main Streets, tree plantings, street furniture and lighting.

Crews have suspended most construction activities at the Third St Connector for the winter season. There will be periodic utility work throughout the winter with major construction resuming in the spring with sidewalk and roadway reconstruction, planting of new trees, and installation of new street furniture and lighting.

In mid-March, crews are expected to resume utility work on the north side of Main St, between the MBTA station and Ames St. In April, construction activities will ramp up with crews starting road and sidewalk reconstruction and continue through the summer.

For more information visit the project webpage.

Roadway and Sidewalk Reconstruction

On Tuesday, April 21, the city’s contractor, Newport Construction, is scheduled to begin roadway and sidewalk reconstruction on Main St between Ames St and Wadsworth. The road work is expected to take about 1 month to complete, while the sidewalk work will be ongoing throughout the spring and summer.

Please note that during the road work phase, Main St will function as a one way.
The following update from the City of Cambridge provides the schedule and map of the traffic patterns.

  • Starting Tuesday, April 21, crews will mobilize on Main St to begin roadway reconstruction. Work will begin on the eastbound side first (2 weeks), and then switch to the westbound side (2 weeks).
  • Additionally, starting on April 21, crews will begin sidewalk reconstruction on the north (Marriott) side of Main St (2 months), followed by the south side (2 months). We will continue to provide updates as the construction progresses.
  • For information or assistance during this project, contact Dan Vallee, DPW Engineer at /617.304.7756 or Kelly Dunn, Community Relations Manager at / 617.349.4870. In case of an emergency after hours or on weekends, please call the 24-Hour line at 617.349.4800.
  • Additional information and project plans are available online at:, under Main Street Reconstruction Project.

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Longfellow Bridge

On Saturday, March 28, MassDOT is scheduled to begin preparations to dismantle the downstream "salt and pepper" towers.  Before the dismantling begins, crews will make changes to the current pedestrian and cyclist travel lanes. 

For more information, visit the project site.

For questions, to report issues and concerns related to construction, or to be added to the project email distribution list, please call the project hotline at 617-519-9892 or email

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Novartis Cambridge Campus

Novartis is developing lab, office, and retail space at 181 Mass Ave, including the addition of two new buildings and renovation of an existing building. Learn about the project, construction schedule, and impacts on the project website.

Over the next several months, street and sidewalk work will take place on the streets adjacent to the project site resulting in closures and detours. We will work to inform you in advance of any impacts and police details will be onsite to assist with vehicular and pedestrian traffic. 

The following street and sidewalk work will take place over the next two weeks:

Beginning Tuesday, April 21

  • Albany Street will be closed to through traffic from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm and vehicles will be detoured to Main and Vassar streets. The street will remain open to pedestrians and local traffic and police details will be there to assist. This work is expected to be completed by Friday, May 1.
  • Street work will take place at the intersection of Osborn and Main streets. Main Street will remain open during this operation. This work is expected to be completed by Friday, May 1.
  • Sidewalk work will take place at the intersection of Windsor and Main streets and pedestrians will be redirected accordingly. This work is expected to be completed by Friday, April 24. 

Beginning Monday, April 27

  • Sidewalk work will take place at the intersection of Osborn and Main streets and pedestrians will be redirected accordingly. This work is expected to be completed by Friday, May 1.

Waterproofing activities will be performed inside the site this Saturday – Monday, 4/18 – 4/20. A slight odor may be observed during this work.

Police Details will be onsite to assist with vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact or call 617-418-0270.

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 Building 66


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