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Administrative Management

Management responsibilities include overseeing the staff and operations of the Scientific Cores, reviewing the annual budget, and appropriately redistributing resources.

Organizational Structure

The administrative management component of the Consortium is comprised of the Steering Committee, the Administrative Core (A), and the Advisory Committee.

Steering Committee: This Committee, chaired by the Principal Investigator, currently has 11 members and is the governing body of the project. The Committee oversees and tracks the production of resources by the Scientific Cores and progress by the Participating Investigators. Each member also has other key leadership responsibilities in the program, either as a Coordinator of a Scientific Core or as a Subgroup leader. As a result, all Cores and Subgroups have representation on the Steering Committee.

Administrative Core (A): This Core provides administrative support to the Steering Committee and assists the Committee in tracking the progress of each Scientific Core in achieving the program goals.

Advisory Committee: This Committee, comprised of three outside experts, meets annually to listen to presentations by the Core Directors and to evaluate the Cores’ progress. The Advisory Committee prepares a comprehensive report including an evaluation of the program and recommendations for improvement, which is sent to the Steering Committee and to NIGMS.

Program Management Plan

Program management for the Consortium is overseen by the Steering Committee and includes the following key functions:

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