The 2003 AUV Competition

We are building an AUV called the ORCA-VI for the 6th annual AUVSI competition, which will take place August 7-10, 2003, at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center in San Diego, CA.

In this year's competition, ORCA-VI must decide where a target is based on an visual cues at a decision point. The decision point is comprised of three arrows lit by LEDs at the tip and back of the arrows. It must then drop one or two markers on the target. The time limit for the mission is 15 minutes, with bonus points awarded for unused time.

A big difference between ORCA-V and ORCA-VI are the thrusters; this year we are using new INUKTUN thrusters. Compared to our old thrusters, they give twice the thrust at the same power levels, weigh less, and are 24V instead of 12V.

The new INUKTUN thrusters require voltages higher than our previous motor controllers can handle. This year we are using Vantec RET713P motor controllers. Also, we're developing our own version of 24V motor controllers from OSMC (open source motor control project) for use in future years.

Our new single hull design (one tube instead of the two on ORCA-V) fits larger computers while decreasing total space and weight. Additionally, we have made modifications to our acoustic direction finder so that we can sense multiple pinging sources.
ORCA-VI Journal Paper

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