AUVSI Competition August 3-7, 2005

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2005 Mission

The mission this year consists of three tasks labeled A, B, and C:

Task A: Docking

This requires the vehicle to dock with a docking station. The docking station is marked by a flashing red light that blinks three times a second. While the light is on it is also modulated with a three KHz carrier.

Task B: Pipeline Inspection

This task simulated serveying a pipeline looking for a break. An orange colored path of flat PVC planks snakes its way along the floor of the pool leading to and from a bin. The bin represents a break in the pipeline. Teams are requried to place a marker in the bin to indicate that they found the break in the pipeline.

Task C: Recovery Zone

The last task is to home in on an acoustic source and to surface above it. This simulates recovering the vehicle after a mission. Points are awarded for surfacing inside one of two concentric octagons on the surface located directly above the pinger.

As an added challenge teams may elect to perform the mission elements in a perscribed sequence (for example BAC or CAB). The order will be transmitted to the vehical using a random order light box. This box can be flashing red or green with a slow or fast flash rate. This provides two bits of information that can be used to lookup the mission order from a table.

Complete rules can be found at the AUVSI website: Link

A techical description of our vehicle can be found here: Link

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