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Event Planning

For officers who are planning events, all of the following information is needed when emailing to reserve a room:

  1. Event name and general description
  2. Time starting and ending. Rooms will be reserved thirty minutes before and after these times to allow for setup and cleanup.
  3. Estimated attendance
  4. Preferred location. Good classrooms include 3-270, 3-370, 4-231, 4-237, 4-270, 32-141, 32-155, Bush room (10-105).
    Note: Student Center rooms, Lobby 10, or Walker reservations need to be made ASAP because these venues go FAST!
  5. Whether or not there will be food
  6. If other than banquet seating, specify seating style (classroom, conference, empty, U-shaped)
  7. If A/V support is needed

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Email the Director of Information Technology, Zhi Yao Luo