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How to Join SWE

Become a member today! You DON'T have to be an engineering major, a science major, or even a woman! Wow! Seriously, anyone can join SWE, and in the process meet some fun and interesting people. We hold many professional, social, and community activities throughout the year.

As a member, you are part of a community of peers with access to the tools, training and role models you need to realize your aspirations as an engineer and a leader. Your section will immediately become a valuable resource for academic, professional and fun activities.

>> SWE Student Membership Offers you:

  1. Membership to MITSWE and the National SWE for one year
  2. Access to a huge network of SWE professional members for networking or advice scholarship/job information through our meetings, and email list, and job page free food!
  3. Faculty/student socials
  4. Recruiter/student socials
  5. Plant tours
  6. Workshops
  7. Speakers
  8. Community Activities
  9. Socials with other SWE student chapters
  10. Support systems - peer groups, mentors, advisors, industry leaders
  11. Section programs including speaker events, seminars, and leadership opportunities
  12. SWE Career Center for internship and full time employment serach and career planning
  13. SWE Magazine
  14. SWE National and Regional Conferences

>> Two Steps To Join SWE

  1. Go to the National SWE website at and click on Membership on the left side menu. Then click on "Join" or you may choose to read about the types of membership. One option is Joint membership between SWE, NSBE, and SHPE.
    Once you've joined, print out your confirmation, and bring it to the next Board meeting to get your 50% reimbursement.

  2. Send an email to our Vice President of Membership, Wendi Li, to be added to the MITSWE mailing list to start receiving weekly SWE digests! These emails include updated information about scholarships, career, social, outreach opportunities, and many more exciting events! You can also let us know whether you'd like to be included on the SWE-jobs mailing list, where companies send us information about available jobs and internships.

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