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Hamdiyah Alhassan, of Pure Home Water, selling the ceramic pot (kosim) filter to a local customer.

The MIT-Ghana Water Projects are undertaken in partnership with Pure Home Water (PHW). PHW is a social enterprise and legally registered non-profit organization based in Savelugu, Ghana founded in 2005 by Susan Murcott, with 2 years start-up funds from the C.N. Hilton Foundation. PHW's first goal is to provide safe drinking water to people through dissemination of household drinking water treatment and safe storage (HWTS) products, with a special focus on low-income households in Northern Ghana, where drinking water conditions are most dire. PHW's second goal is to become locally self-sufficient and financially self-sustaining. MIT Master of Engineering students, Sloan School of Management students and others support the work of PHW by product research and development, consumer studies, and monitoring and evaluation. PHW is engaged in learning the keys to success in scaling up water treatment and safe storage products in a challenging environment (multiple tribes and local languages, strong religious identities - Christian, Moslem, traditional- poverty, water scarcity, low population densities).

Follow these links to MIT-Ghana Water Project reports & presentations and theses. The reports section includes Sloan School of Management reports and other Pure Home Water documents.

Follow this link to find out more about the community water treatment project Community Water Solutions. Community Water Solutions is the brainchild of a graduate/post-graduate student team that has evolved out of their experience working with Pure Home Water and their household water treatment solutions.