Ghana 2013
Evaluating Access to Drinking Water in Northern Ghana GHF Project Report Cheng, Kelly
Vacs Renwick, Yang
1.4 MB
Clean Drinking Water for Northern Ghana GHF Presentation Cheng, Kelly
Vacs Renwick, Yang
1.6 MB


Ghana 2012
2012 Group Project Report Pt 1 Lu, Miller
2 MB
2012 Group Project Report Pt 2 Qiu 1 MB
Ghana team 4S Final Presentation Lu, Miller, Qiu
4.9 MB


Ghana 2011
Pure Home Water Project Group Report Cummings,Hester, Kleiman, Lau, O’Keefe 1.83 MB
Team Ghana Presentation Cummings,Hester, Kleiman, Lau, O’Keefe 125 KB


Ghana 2010

Poster of Field-based Methods:
Effect of Compositional and Geometric Changes on Ceramic Pot Filters’ Performance, Bending Strength and Flow

Miller, Watters 787KB
Final Group Presentation: Optimizing Ceramic Filters in Ghana Miller, Watters 1.9MB
Final Group Report: Pure Home Water Ceramic Filter Manufacturing Manual Miller, Watters 2.64MB


Ghana 2009

Safe water provision for Northern Ghana: MIT M.Eng. Thesis Final Presentations
April 24, 2009
Barnes, Collin, Ziff 3.4 MB
The Biosand Filter, Siphon Filter, and Rainwater Harvesting:
Strategic Recommendations for New Water Treatment Technologies and Safe Water Storage to Pure Home Water [Group Report]
Barnes, Collin, Ziff 1.3 MB


Ghana 2008

Household & Community Water Treatment and Safe Storage Implementation in the Northern Region of Ghana Fitzpatrick, Green, Kikkawa, Losleben, Swanton 2.5 MB
Final Master of Engineering Group Presentation – Ghana TeamMIT Clean Water 4 All, Inc. Fitzpatrick, Green, Kikkawa, Losleben, Swanton 4.4 MB


Ghana 2007

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Independent Study: MIT Sloan School. Pure Home Water Project Report Johnson, S. and Okioga, T. 296 KB


Ghana 2006

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  4.2 MB
Alhassan & Salifu 204 KB
  1.5 MB
VanCalcar 500 KB
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