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Over-sensitive bagging area

This is by far the most popular complaint about self checkout lines. How many times have you been in the self-checkout lane and heard the words, "Unexpected item found in bagging area," and upon removal of the item, you hear, "Item has been removed from bagging area. Please return item to bagging area." After that, it becomes a game of weights and measures where you have to remove and replace different items until you satisfy the bagging gods or until the self-checkout attendant comes to your rescue.
The bagging sensor exists mainly to prevent theft. However, the weight sensor is so sensitive that many times, it trips even when the shopper has done nothing wrong. Accidentally leaning on the bagging area will set off the alarm. A slight brush of the hand will do the trick. Also, the area where shoppers must pay is located directly over the bagging area, giving them no convenient place to put their purses.