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Junior Lab

Welcome to MIT Junior Lab! Junior Lab is a two semester sequence in experimental physics offered by the MIT Department of Physics, usually taken by third-year physics majors (hence the name). The course focuses on the professional and personal development of the student as a scientist through the medium of experimental physics. These web pages are intended to help serve several groups:

  • Current Junior Lab students
  • MIT students thinking of taking Junior Lab
  • Educators and students at other institutions

Important links for current Junior Lab students:

(Click on name for contact info, or see full listings on Stellar "Staff List".)
Section Instructors
  Prof. Gunther Roland
TR 9-12
  Prof. Janet Conrad
MW 9-12
  Prof. Christoph Paus
MW 2-5
  Prof. Nikta Fakhri
TR 2-5
  Prof. Gunther Roland
TR 9-12
Graduate Teaching Assistants
  Joe Johnston
  Bobby Johnston
  Sangbaek Lee
  Junang Li
TR 2-5
Technical Staff
  Dr. Sean P. Robinson  
  Gladys Vélez Caicedo   4-361
  Bil Sanford   4-361
Communication Instructors
  Keith Clavin   TR 9-12
  Atissa Banuazizi   MW 9-12
  Amy Carleton   MW 2-5
  Linda Sutliff   TR 2-5
Library and Reference Resources
  Mr. Tran Physics Reading Room 4-332
  Barbara Williams Physics Librarian, MIT Libraries 10-500

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