Surface Vehicle


Martian Terrain
Lunar Rover
Size and Composition
Modular Trailer System 
Communication and Navigation

Safety Measures

Communication and Navigation

The vehicle will carry a communications system capable of reaching the habitat from anywhere within its range by means of an X-band transceiver. An onboard navigation system will make use of any positioning satellite available. The navigation system will be also augmented through computer-assisted counting of wheel revolutions and monitoring of azimuthal steering changes. The navigation computer will be voice-activated and voice-controlled with a manual keyboard for backup. Continuous documentation also will be provided through a set of cameras mounted on the vehicle. These can be pointed manually by the astronauts. This video feed will join the voices of the astronauts in providing scientists back on Earth with a delayed but comprehensive picture of the activities on the surface. The voice/video combination will also be available in real time in the habitat so that the astronauts can be monitored for safety purposes.

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