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Martian Terrain
Lunar Rover
Size and Composition
Modular Trailer System 
Communication and Navigation

Safety Measures

Safety Measures

The vehicle will be able to provide the two astronauts with enough consumables for excursions that would require two life-support backpacks. In addition, a surplus will be available in case of a dust storm or other emergency. Consumables will be stored just behind the astronauts. The vehicle will be equipped with a dust shield that can be deployed to protect the astronauts and equipment in the event that a storm must be waited out away from the habitat. It will stretch across the vehicle's roll-bars and be made of a tightly woven synthetic fabric with a coating on the outside for further dust protection. A deployment mechanism similar to the lines and pulleys that are found on sail boats will be manually employed to deploy and stow the shield. 

In the case of vehicle failure, it has been proposed that a small, fast, three person rescue rover be kept ready at all times at the habitat. Further design work has yet to be done on this rover, but it would allow one member of the crew to drive out to the surface vehicle's location and return with the two astronauts or bring them more consumables.


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