Surface Vehicle


Martian Terrain
Lunar Rover
Size and Composition
Modular Trailer System 
Communication and Navigation

Safety Measures

  A mechanical suspension system similar to that used on the Apollo Lunar Rover will be employed. This type of suspension basically functions as a dampened spring and provides a smoother ride without the extreme bouncing and tilting that can occur from descending from obstacles in lower gravity.
Apollo Suspension System
Courtesy of NASA


A rocker-bogie system similar to those being employed on Pathfinder-type rovers was originally our first choice. Though this suspension method is capable of traversing very uneven terrain and of maintaining balance at high angles of tilt, its top speed is too slow to cover the amount of terrain that will be required for the mission. Hydraulic and pneumatic systems have been ruled out because of the extreme temperature on the surface. Neither system would function properly in the bitter cold. 


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