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Martian Terrain
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Modular Trailer System (MTS)
Vehicle with MTS
The Modular Trailer System (MTS) is designed to provide the maximum possible flexibility on the surface. Up to four trailers can be towed by the vehicle to allow the transport of deployable equipment (i.e. communication relays) and experiments, as well as specimen return. Each trailer will have 1.2 cubic meters of useable volume and a 50kg mass capacity. A uniformity allows for easy interchange based on the goal of each excursion form the main habitat. Large experimental devices will be designed to break down into components that can fit into the MTS trailers and be re-assembled by the astronauts on site. Through the conversion of speed into towing power and vice versa, zero to four trailers can be towed without exceeding available electrical power. To increase the efficiency of the entire vehicle and MTS system, the wheels of each trailer will be powered, which reduces slippage. To connect the MTS units to each other and to the vehicle, a four-hinge hitch mechanism will allow freedom along all three primary axes of rotation.
MTS Hitch

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