Surface Vehicle


Martian Terrain
Lunar Rover
Size and Composition
Modular Trailer System 
Communication and Navigation

Safety Measures

Model of Martian vehicle with trailers
This vehicle is designed to transport the astronauts and experimental equipment across the Martian surface. With a two-person passenger capacity and 100km radius, the vehicle is designed to expand the scope of our search for life. To facilitate the transport of communication equipment, smaller rovers, experiments, and samples, the Module Trailer System (MTS) allows a combination of towing power and speed. Each trailer will have powered wheels to increase the efficiency of the system and can carry up to 50kg. The vehicle itself will have a four-wheel drive torsion suspension system similar to that used on the Apollo Lunar Rover. Inflatable wheels will be used to allow compact storage of spares and easy repair on the surface. The vehicle will be powered by a RTG/battery combination. A dust shield and emergency consumables will protect and sustain the astronauts in case of inclement surface conditions. 

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