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with Charles Fracchia and the BioBright team

BioBright is developing a Smart Lab: a unified user interface, control system and sensor network that enhances the scientist’s workflow, allowing experimenters to compare what should have happened in an experiment with what actually happened.

For a loose intuition of why this matters, see this analysis of what is really involved in doing a PCR reaction.

news: BioBright is acquired by Dotmatics to create the Lab of the Future

Recent press releases: DARPA Sanger Beckman Philips


with Richard Littauer, Ed Boyden, Juan Batiz-Benet, Konrad Kording and others

Beagle is a design concept for a sharable meta-layer on top of the existing bodies of scientific knowledge.

Beagle mockups: PDF

Beagle essays/proposals: PDF PDF

news: Initial seed funding for Beagle project has been provided by a MetaKnowledge grant via the University of Chicago's Knowledge Lab and the Templeton Foundation.