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with Charles Fracchia and the BioBright team

BioBright is developing a Smart Lab: a unified user interface, control system and sensor network that enhances the scientist’s workflow, allowing experimenters to compare what should have happened in an experiment with what actually happened.

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with Richard Littauer, Ed Boyden, Juan Batiz-Benet, Konrad Kording and others

Beagle is an ongoing project aiming to create a sharable meta-layer on top of the existing bodies of scientific knowledge, and to enable such a layer to achieve widespread use among scientists.

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news: Initial seed funding for Beagle project has been provided by a MetaKnowledge grant via the University of Chicago's Knowledge Lab and the Templeton Foundation.

Automatically inferring scientific semantics

with Tom Dean and Ed Boyden

How can one gain comprehension of an unfamiliar field as quickly as possible? While some have developed strategies for learning the structures of entire fields, better web-based tools might facilitate such learning. The citation graph of the scientific literature reveals community and topic structure which can be extracted automatically, yet a full citation graph of the literature is not yet publicly available. Thus, we are exploring whether meaningful information about scientific semantics and topic structure can be automatically inferred purely from publicly available data, such as paper abstracts.

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