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Architecting Discovery: A Model for How Engineers Can Help Invent Tools for Neuroscience (NEURON)

"Sometimes there is a tension in biomedicine: do we pursue basic science for curiosity’s sake, or do we focus on translational work... One way to connect the two is to consider a third path: what if we could accelerate our understanding of the basic science, via new technology, so that we could reduce the risk of translational work, and magnify the impact of the latter?"

How to Study the Brain (The Chronicle Review)

"We can’t simply ask 'what does this bundle of neurons do'? We have to ask, how might the brain work in principle, what clues can we gather from psychology and behavior... To a theoretical physicist, theory might look like elegant mathematical equations that quantitatively predict the behavior of a system. To a computer scientist, theory might mean the construction of classes of algorithms that behave in ways similar to how the brain processes information. Cognitive scientists have theories of the brain that are formulated in other ways..."

Designing Tools for Assumption-Proof Brain Mapping (NEURON)

"The timing is right to elucidate design principles for neuro-technologies that work backward from the fundamental properties of the brain and are equal to the challenge of mapping their mechanisms, rather than working forward from known technology building blocks..."

Selected Talks / Lectures

Fiber optic reflectometry neural recording (Glasgow, 2017): slides

Designing scalable biological interfaces (Harvard, 2014): slides

Stanford cs379c discussion: dense labeling with combinatorial codes (Stanford, 2015): slides, course notes

digital encoding for scalable brain mapping (MIT Media Lab, 2014): slides, video, meeting

Stanford cs379c discussion: molecular ticker tapes (Google, 2013): slides, audio, course notes

billion year old information technologies (TEDxBeaconStreet, 2012): video, TEDx blog, follow-up post

programming matter (Harvard, 2012): video

from quantum noise to heat (Yale, 2008): PDF

quantum entanglement, bell's theorem and reality in 12 minutes (Yale, 2006): PDF

Other talks and lectures I found interesting:

Some of the many papers that have influenced me over the years and/or that just blow my mind:

A few of many technical and semi-technical books that have influenced me over the years:

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