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APO Book Exchange -- now accepting TechCASH online!
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Get good prices on used textbooks.

Get rid of your old books.

Dropoff: APO Office, W20-415
Thursday 8/30/12 - Sunday 9/2/12 noon - 4pm

Buy Books: Mezzanine Lounge, W20-307
Tuesday 9/4/12 - Friday 9/7/12 10am-5pm
Or buy online starting 12pm on Tuesday.

A searchable list of books for sale is available.


The APO Book Exchange is a forum where used books can be bought and sold. Traditionally, it happens during the first week of the fall and spring academic terms. APO does not buy the used books, but instead tries to sell them on behalf of the owner. The owner sets the price and APO does the work. After the exchange, the owner may choose to pick up unsold books.

Selling Books

Anyone may sell books on the Exchange. Books can be dropped off at the end of a term (to be sold at start of the upcoming term), in the week before term starts, and during the exchange itself.

When you drop off books, you set the selling price for each book. At the end of the exchange, you can choose to either pick up your check and unsold books or have your check mailed to you and your unsold books donated to charity. To expedite the check in process, please read the Seller's Guide [PDF] to get the proper forms and instructions on how to prepare books for sale. You may also find it helpful to read the Book Ex policies [PDF].

Buying Books

Anyone may buy books from the Exchange. We mostly carry textbooks, but we also have reference, fiction and non-fiction. Many sellers choose to offer their books at heavy discounts on Friday, but there's no guarantee a book won't be bought earlier. Come by and browse our daily changing selection, or check online to see if we have what you want. For more information, please read the Book Ex policies [PDF]. Please note that we accept cash, travelers' checks, and MIT TechCASH, but no personal checks or credit/debit cards.

Picking up Checks and Unsold Books

Several weeks after the exchange, unsold books and checks will be available for pickup in the APO office (Student Center, room 415) and checks will be mailed to those who chose to donate unsold books to charity. Sellers will be notified of the pick-up dates as soon as possible. If you haven't picked up your books/checks by the end of pick-up hours or contacted us to make some special arrangement, your books and money will be donated to charity. Again, consult the Seller's Guide [PDF] for full details.

Questions can be directed to book-exchange _at_ mit.edu.

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