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Spring 2014 Rush Schedule
A more long-term listing of events is also available. If you're considering joining APO, but worried about the time commitment, check out our pledge policy!
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Sun 2/9 6:30-7:30pmRecruitment DinnerEast Campus Talbot Lounge Info and food! Enjoy a home cooked dinner, meet brothers, and learn all about APO!
Mon 2/10 7-9pmCookie Bake!Senior House 1F Kitchen Service/Fellowship: Join us in baking some ridiculous amount of cookies, to be shared with stressed members of the MIT community.
Tue 2/11 7-9pmOffice Hours: IntroductionW20-415 Info/Fellowship: Come meet the brothers of APO and see our office! Did you know we have our own silkscreening and letterpress shops? Well, now you do!
Thu 2/13 6:15-10pmBikes Not BombsBoston; meet in W20-415 Service: Come and volunteer with this organization that teaches about bikes to local youth and ships bikes to economic development programs across the world.
Fri 2/14 7:00-9:00pmBlack MorbidW20-415 Fellowship: We don't celebrate Valentine's Day with pink hearts and roses. We like it black...black as the night. Partake, if you dare, in our gother-than-thou revelry.
Sat 2/15 10:00am-12:00pmProject LinusW20-415 Service: Project Linus is dedicated to creating and delievering new handmade blankets to any child who may be in need of some extra comforting that only a beloved "blankie" can provide. Come help us make blankies for kids!
Sat 2/15 1:00pmPledge Ceremony #1W20-415 Decided that you want to spend the next semester doing service with us? Today you'll have a chance formalize that decision by pledging APO. If you're not sure yet, that's fine too! We'll have plenty of other chances for you to pldge.
Sun 2/16 3:00-6:00pmMGNGMRandom Hall Fellowship: Movie in the Game Night the Game the Movie. Golly, that's tough to say. You know what isn't tough to say? "This'll be fun."
Tue 2/18 5:00-7:00pmScreenprintingW20-415 Demo: We like to make things at APO. Some of these things may be shirts. Some of them may not be. I guess you'll have to come by to see!
Wed 2/18 7:00-8:00pmPledge Ceremony v2.0W20-415 This is another chance to pledge APO! Pledging is a commitment to embarking on our pledge program to learn if APO is right for you. Ask a brother if you want to know more about pledging.