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APO provides limited T-shirt silk screening services to the community at only the cost of materials. The total cost of silkscreening job is $20 per silkscreen needed to print the design, the cost of ink, plus whatever it costs to purchase and ship the shirts.* There are many options for purchasing shirts, such as cheapestees.com that offers discount in bulk, but the choice of shirt is at the customer's discretion. We also sell T-shirts from time to time in Lobby 10 to raise money for charities. Look for us at Big Screw and UMOC in fall and spring semesters!

To request a silkscreening job, please have the following information: - the design created in some vector graphics program such as Inkscape - sizes, quantities, and color(s) of shirts - color of the ink - when the job should be completed

To request more information about silk screening, contact us at apo-silkscreen _at_ mit.edu . For silkscreening requests, please email at least three weeks in advance to allow for enough time to complete the process.


*Pricing Breakdown: We charge you based upon what it costs for us to screen the shirts. This value changes over time, however the approximate breakdown is as follows.

Creation: There is a $20 setup/maintenance fee per design for the screen itself.

Ink: For t'shirt material it is $0.20 per shirt, per color, per side. Certain conditions use more ink than others, therefore if the ink color is white or if the material is thicker such as a sweatshirt the cost is $0.40 per shirt/color/side.

Shirts: If we are ordering the shirts for you, that cost is directly transferred to the cost, it normally comes out to be about $4 a shirt; this price will be clarified before the job is started.

We are able to print a different color for the front of the shirt as opposed to the back for no extra cost. In addition, if you are ordering a large number of shirts we may be able to vary the ink color between shirts also.