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How to Join

Rush Week Spring 2012 is Feb 12 - 19. Take a look at The Rush Schedule.

At the beginning of each term, we hold Open Meetings which are specifically designed to introduce people to APO and answer their questions. While all APO projects are open to the MIT community during the rest of the year, we also hold special Open Projects specifically designed for people who have never been on a service project with us. February 12 - February 19 is the Spring 2012 Rush week. Take a look at The Rush Schedule to see all the Service Projects and other events which we hope you'll enjoy. You do not need to join to attend, but if you are considering joining, these events are a great way to figure out if our Service Program is what you're looking for. You can also email the Pledge Vice President, Miriam, at apo-pvp _at_ mit.edu, to be put on our mailing list. You'll get any updates sent right to your inbox.

The purpose of the pledge term is to give the pledge the opportunity to get to know the chapter and the brothers and to allow him/her the opportunity to make an informed decision about his/her future with Alpha Phi Omega. The pledge term should give the pledge an idea of what will be expected of him/her upon becoming a brother.

As such, during the term, all pledges are required to do the following:

Further, the pledges should not restrict themselves to the above requirements. Pledges are encouraged to participate fully in the activities and administration of the chapter to whatever extent their time permits.

Thus, pledges are further encouraged to:

A "service project" is any coordinated service effort of three or more APO brothers and pledges that has been duly publicized (such as on the chapter calendar).

A "service hour" is an hour spent doing service at a service project, or other hands-on service related to a service project, or other hands-on service related to the chapter.

Exceptions and substitutions may be discussed with the PVP in the cases of extentuating circumstances (including but not limited to scheduling conflicts).

Pledges may substitute a project that serves the chapter in place of up to one of their service projects. Any substitution must be approved by two of the three following officers: President, SVP, or PVP. This can only be done once a term.

At the end of the term, after a group discussion, brothers will vote on whether or not to elevate individual pledges, using these objective criteria to assist their decision.

No personal service will be asked of pledges, nor will brothers haze pledges.

Pledge Fees are $35, but may be waived in case of financial difficulty. Please talk with the PVP if there are issues.

No part of this policy will be changed during the course of the term.

If you are interested in joining, please tell us!