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IAP 2012 Schedule for Thu Feb 2

07:30 AM
Adult Efficient Freestyle- Mon/Thu Morning Cancelled 

09:00 AM
Basic Mediation Skills Workshop - 32 hour training  (to 05:00 PM)    TBA
Introduction to Machine Tools  (to 11:00 AM)    4-131B
Introduction to Welding  (to 11:00 AM)    8-014
The iCub-humanoid Robot: A Hands-on Course  (to 07:00 PM)    46-3015

10:00 AM
Alternate Reality Game (ARG) Creation Workshop  (to 11:00 AM)    4-265
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Workshops: GIS Institute  (to 04:00 PM)    GIS Lab 7-238, Rotch
Individual Consultations at the Writing and Communication Center    Location unavailable
Mobile Health in Developing Countries: Sana and OpenMRS  (to 12:00 PM)    56-180
Teaching Students to Write from Research  (to 11:30 AM)    12-134
The iCub Humanoid Robot: A Hands-on Course Cancelled 

10:30 AM
Housing Market Update  (to 12:00 PM)    E51-395

11:00 AM
IIT@MITLab Workshop: Robotics and Learning Theory at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia  (to 01:30 PM)    46-5165

12:00 PM
American Jiu Jitsu Grappling Regimen  (to 01:00 PM)    W32-124
Charm School 2012: Business Etiquette Lunch  (to 02:00 PM)    W20, Twenty Chimneys
Class of 2014 and 2015 Alumni Class Connections Luncheon  (to 01:30 PM)    Mezzanine Lounge
Leading Technology & Policy IAP Lunch Seminar Series: Persistent organic pollution: global transport and implications for policy  (to 01:00 PM)    E40-298
Managing Your References: Overview of EndNote, RefWorks and Zotero  (to 01:15 PM)    14N-132 (DIRC)
Mentorship Workshop  (to 01:30 PM)    2-132
Reflecting on the Big Questions  (to 01:30 PM)    tba
Working After Graduation: Immigration Concerns  (to 02:00 PM)    1-190

01:00 PM
Build a Holographic Recording and Reconstruction System\\\\\\\\\\\*  (to 03:00 PM)    56-154
Dream, Design, Do: 3D with DUSPviz: Rhino  (to 04:00 PM)    9-251
Pleasures of Poetry  (to 02:00 PM)    14E-304
Strategies for Good Housekeeping in Your Lab or Work Space  (to 02:00 PM)    N52-496

01:15 PM
Intro to Group Exercise  (to 02:00 PM)    Bldg. 57 fit center

02:00 PM
A Sampling of Careers in Biology: Intellectual Property and Patent Law  (to 04:00 PM)    Whitehead Auitorium
Get the most from your "omics" analysis: GeneGo MetaCore Software Training    (to 04:00 PM)    14N-132 DIRC

02:30 PM
Beginning Screenwriting  (to 04:00 PM)    E15-335
Major Impact: Your Major and a Career in Finance  (to 03:30 PM)    4-237

03:00 PM
Awesome Build Party  (to 05:00 AM)    2-136
Building Your Own Neuroscience Lab  (to 06:00 PM)    46-4062
MIT Can Talk! Speaking Competition  (to 05:00 PM)    6-120

03:30 PM
Design to Scale : Developing Technologies for Global Impact  (to 05:00 PM)    4-270

04:00 PM
Study Abroad (Virtual) Info Session  (to 05:00 PM)    2-131
Thursday Beginning Wheel, section 1  (to 06:30 PM)    w20-431
Watercolor  (to 06:30 PM)    w20-427

05:00 PM
ASME Energy Relay Design Contest: Session 4  (to 07:00 PM)    4-145
IAP Choreography Class  (to 07:00 PM)    50 - first floor

05:15 PM
Adult Beginning Swim - Tues/Thurs Evening  (to 06:15 PM)    Building W35 Pool

06:00 PM
Introduction to "Real World" Circuit Design and PCB Layout  (to 07:30 PM)    32-124

06:15 PM
Adult Intermediate Swim- Tues-Thurs Evening    Location unavailable

06:30 PM
Adult Efficient Freestyle- Tue/Thu Evening  (to 07:15 PM)    Alumni Pool

07:00 PM
Glass Mosaics  (to 09:00 PM)    w20-427
Intermediate Squash  (to 08:00 PM)    W35- Zesiger Center
Introduction to Contract Bridge  (to 09:30 PM)    4-149
MIT Outing Club Winter School  (to 09:00 PM)    35-225
Sufi Perspectives in Meditation  (to 08:30 PM)    4-253
Thursday Beginning Wheel, section 2  (to 09:30 PM)    w20-431

07:15 PM
Adult Stroke Technique- Tue/Thu Evening  (to 08:15 PM)    Zesiger Pool

07:45 PM
Capoeira Angola  (to 09:00 PM)    bldg. 57

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