MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2017 Schedule for January 17

Activity Title Location Special Meeting Info

07:00 AM

Efficient Swimming Alumni Pool

07:45 AM

Synrgy Circuits 2nd Floor, Z Center

08:00 AM

Arabic 101 Location TBD
Boxing Conditioning T Club Lounge

09:00 AM

Bamboo Bicycle Frame Making Workshop MIT IDC wear clothes that can get dirty; bring music!
Building a Cognos report - advanced 1-115 Phone for duo access. Laptop is optional
Computing in Optimization and Statistics E51-151
COMSOL Multiphysics Boot Camp 66-110
Lag-User Method: Using Late Adopters as a Source of Innovative Ideas 2-135
Strength and Conditioning 2nd Floor Zesiger

10:00 AM

Art and Politics E53-485
Hack your potential: using a growth mindset to succeed at MIT and beyond E51-085
Hacking the Holodeck: An Introduction to Touch and Virtual Reality IDC N52 3rd floor Bring laptop with Unity and Arduino IDE installed
Individual Consultations at the WCC (Writing and Communication Center) E18-233
LabArchives: Electronic Lab Notebook 14N-132 DIRC
Positional Games 4-153
Wikipedia 101: How to be a media literate citizen 4-251 Bring your laptop

10:30 AM

Dynamics of Real Estate Development in China: Theory and Education 9-354
Enameling: Fused Glass on Metal 4-006
Materials Characterization Techniques and Principles I Location TBD

11:00 AM

Free-Space Laser Communication NE45-202 located at 300 Tech. Square
Mathematics of Big Data 2nd Flr 300 Tech Sq Bring lunch if you like

11:30 AM

The Wheel of Yoga E15-359 Flexible clothing and Yoga mat if possible

12:00 PM

Gentle Kripalu Yoga E62-221
IAP 2017- The Feynman Films 6-120
MIT Green Labs 66-360

01:00 PM

Align Your Story: Writing Workshop E17-136
Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT) - Afternoon Session N52-419
Collaborative Design and Creative Expression with Arduino MIcrocontrollers 13-4101 bring laptop
Collaborative Sculpture: The Politics of Collective and Social Artistic Practice W20-425 bring laptop and/or sketchbook
Dynamics of Real Estate Development in China: Theory and Education 9-354
Exploratory Programming Workshop 4-257
Introduction to GIS 14N-132
IS&T Board Effect for Meetings, Committees & Groups 32-123 Kirsch Audito
Leader, Maverick or Impostor? E62-350
Learn to Build Your Own Videogame with the Unity Game Engine and Microsoft Kinect 13-3101 bring laptop
Pleasures of Poetry 2017 14E-304
Software Radio Beaverworks NE45-202 bring your laptop
Technology Innovation Accelerator Beaverworks NE45-202
Transformative Appetite E14-240

01:30 PM

Academic Job Search 4-270
How to Design Electric Vehicles - Lecture 32-155
Introduction to Entrepreneurship - Internet of Things Applied to Healthcare 8-205 bring laptop and phone
Sampling of Careers in Biology 68-181

02:00 PM

CREATING AXONOGRAPHY: From 2D to spatial sensory exhibition design tbd Please bring your own laptop
Fabricating Electronic Tattoos (FULL with FULL WAITLIST!) E15-341 Bring laptop
Mapping with Adobe CC - Leveraging Illustrator and Photoshop 9-554
MIT Laptop Orchestra 4-364
Quick Intro to Designing Feedback Controllers 38-530 Circuits Lab Bring laptop
Shadow Magicians: Finding Freedom to Become Yourself 36-144
Socialism vs. capitalism and war. 4-265
Spacecraft Charging in Space Plasma Environment--An Introduction Room 33-319

03:00 PM

Arabic 101 Location TBD
Clinical Imaging Informatics: Radiology in 2020 E25-119 Bring a laptop
Dynamics of Real Estate Development in China: Theory and Education 9-354
Introduction to Blacksmithing 4-006 All participants must attend
Media for Movement Building: Making Podcasts about Urban Planning in East Boston 9-217 Students will need to bring their own laptops
Micro Drone Vehicle Racing and Course Design : Build, Fly, and Pop Up Infrastructure Design N52-373G
MIT Language Conversation Exchange presents: Intro to Languages 8-219
Strategies on How to Find a UROP 5-233

04:00 PM

Ceramica Botanica W20-431
Polish Your English Through Creative Writing! 14N-313 Bring paper, pen, and laptop

05:00 PM

(FULL with WAITLIST) Small Batch Beer Brewing Thirsty Ear Pub Will be travelling to local micro brewery
Applied Probabilistic Programming and Bayesian Machine Learning 4-237
Effective Speaking 3-333
Movie Night: Idiocracy 2-105

05:30 PM

Adult Efficient Freestyle Alumni Pool
Beginning Oil Painting Workshop A W20-425
Introduction to Swimming Basics Zesiger Pool
MIT Heavy Metal 101 4-149

06:00 PM

Learn To Play Bridge! 4-159
Robotics and Innovation Co-working Spaces 32-124

06:30 PM

Adult Beginning Swim Zesiger Pool
Offshore Sailing Shore School 66-160

07:00 PM

Interactive Computing with iPython 4-231
Phenomenology of Superconductivity 4-163
Totally Teapots A W20-431
Winter School 6-120

08:00 PM

Interpreting a Still Life W20-425

09:30 PM

Women's Only Beginning Swim Alumni Pool
Women's Only Intermediate Swim Alumni Pool