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2014 Costs

Intro: What is a Tanteidan Convention?

2014 Convention


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Costs Overview

Please note that these are estimates of actual housing and food costs, and should be used for planning purposes only; we expect that the real costs will be very close to these, but there may be some variation.

You will, of course, be responsible for your own airfare to/from Japan.

Also, as explained in more detail in the Money section, Japan is still primarily cash-based, even for large sums, and ATM machines that can cope with foreign cards are not that common. Consider getting a lot of your cash before you go, or at a cash machine at the airport when you arrive. Meals, sales at the convention site, and any excursions will need to be paid for in cash!


Depending on where you elect to stay, costs will vary. Please see the list of local hotels at the 6OSME website: http://origami.gr.jp/6osme/accommodations.html to explore your options. As a ballpark figure, a night at the "business hotel" near Origami House (the Toyoko Inn) is around Y7000 per night for a single. Whether hotels even have doubles and triples will depend entirely on the hotel - the business hotels generally are singles, with the more traditional hotels may have larger rooms. The Ryokan hotels will generally be traditionally-styled, with futons for sleeping, and communal (single-sex) baths.

Please note that August is a very, very busy travel season in Japan, and housing is always in tight supply - all housing arrangements will be made on a first-come, first-served basis, so contact us immediately if you want housing help. We will work out specific costs for everyone's hotel stays via email. Hotels usually take Visa and Mastercard (plus some other, less-common cards) and you must pay for your room when you check in - so make sure you have enough balance on your card to cover the entire cost of your stay! You can also choose to pay in cash, which is not uncommon in Japan.



Category Early
Feb. 1
to Jun. 30
July 1
to Aug. 1
(cash only)
General Registration 20,000 JPY 25,000 JPY 30,000 JPY
Student Registration
* See "about financial support".
10,000 JPY 15,000 JPY 20,000 JPY

Dinner: Y8000 (paid for online with registration)

Lunchbox each day: Y1000 (vegetarian Y1500) (paid for online with registration)

Bus excursion: Y5000-Y8000 (paid in cash on-site)

Tanteidan Convention:

Convention Fees Y2500 for foreign attendees; convention diagram book, approx. Y3000 at the convention)
(can be paid for online with 6OSME registration)
Saturday night reception Y5000
(can be paid for online with 6OSME registration)

fast-food breakfast: Y500-Y1000
lunch: Y1000-Y2000
dinner: Y2000-Y3000
(average sample prices, eating at modest restaurants)

Tanteidan Cost Details:

Right now, you cannot register online for just the Tanteidan convention, but can add it on to your 6OSME registration if you are attending both. Please contact us if you want to go to Tanteidan but not 6OSME.

As foreign attendees, we pay half the regular convention fees, but if you want to buy a copy of the convention book, it should be about Y3000.

At the Tanteidan convention, we can have lunch at the university cafeteria on Saturday, and it's pretty inexpensive (Y1000 or so). On Saturday night, the reception/dinner will be something like Y5000, and the boxed lunch on Sunday, if available, around Y1500.

As for general money-spending... trips on the train/subway are usually a couple of hundred yen; breakfasts, depending on what you buy, Y500-Y1000; lunches are Y1000-Y2000 (though of course you can get much fancier); and dinners (not fancy) are Y2000-Y3000. Sodas and iced drinks in vending machines are Y100 or Y150. In other words, not unlike a big city in the US. Yes, you can spend hundreds of dollars on a steak dinner, but we won't be going anywhere like that!

Korea Origami Association Convention:

Business Hotel
(Toyoko Inn Dongdaemun)
W60,500 - W88,000
Convention Hotel
(Hi Seoul Youth Hostel)
W66,000 - W77,000
Convention Registration and Reception W110,000


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