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2014 Schedule

Intro: What is a Tanteidan Convention?

2014 Convention


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2014 Schedule Overview

Sun 10th 6OSME Registration, opening reception (evening)
Mon 11th, Tues 12th, Wed 13th 6OSME conference; detailed schedule online here
Thu 14th optional Tokyo bus trip for 6OSME participants
Tue/Wed/Thu recommended arrival in Tokyo for Tanteidan Convention; possible informal Tokyo sightseeing/shopping, etc., with other visitors
Fri 15th (mid-day) start of Tanteidan Convention
(evening) free
Sat 16th (morning) convention classes
(mid-day) lunch on university campus or on your own
(afternoon) convention classes
(evening) reception/dinner (optional; additional cost)
Sun 17th (morning) convention classes
(mid-day) lunch on your own (possibly boxed lunch available for purchase)
(afternoon) convention classes
(evening) free
Mon 18th Day trip (by bus) to the Shizuoka area for 6OSME/Tanteidan participants
Mon 18th - Fri 22nd free
Fri 22nd

Friday 22nd - recommended latest arrival for Korean convention

Sat 23rd - Sun 24th Convention, group banquet Saturday night


If possible with your work/life schedule, you should try to arrive in Japan several days before the convention begins. The jetlag from the U.S., at least, is pretty difficult for most people, and a day or so to adjust will make you much more comfortable during the convention itself. Try to arrive early in the afternoon, Tokyo time, to allow time for customs, and the trip in to central Tokyo.

When possible, the GOH staff have helped arrange for people to be met at the airport, particularly first-time foreign visitors. This is not always possible, however, so everyone must be prepared to get into Tokyo from the airport on their own. There are trains that head in to Tokyo Station or Ueno Station that run regularly from the airport, and are pretty well-signed in English. The options are well-covered in most guidebooks. We will let you know if it is possible for you to be met at the airport.

If you're not being met at the airport, you should head straight to your hotel; then call Gallery Origami House to let them know you've arrived.

Free time:

Typically on "free" days the group has gathered each morning (sometimes at multiple times, depending on who wants to do what) to head out together for sightseeing and shopping. These are highly informal trips, and will depend on who shows up, what everyone wants to do, etc. You can be a Good Group Member by doing your homework before ever getting to Japan, and have some idea of what kinds of things sound fun to you. If you've never been there before, of course, it's hard to know what sounds good, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do your research. There are a variety of cool paper and/or craft shops, bookstores, and the usual tourist-interest stuff.

After the flock returns from its wanderings (frequently with a nap and a shower back at their respective lodgings, first) there is usally a gathering in the evenings for dinner expeditions on the evenings before the convention. This is all entirely optional, and you're free to head off on your own for adventures around Tokyo, of course.


The conference starts off with an evening reception on Sunday the 10th. The detailed daily schedules will be published online here: http://origami.gr.jp/6osme/program.html as it is finalized. There is an optional conference dinner on Tuesdy the 12th, and an optional bus tour around Tokyo on Thursday the 14th.

The Tanteidan Convention itself

On Friday (15th) afternoon there are opening talks (some in Japanese, some in English) typically by the invited guest(s), and then in the evening there is usually an organized dinner for the JOAS board members and foreign visitors. Everyone else is free to do whatever they would like for dinner. Breaking up into smaller groups is encouraged, as Tokyo restaurants are generally not very large!

The Sat/Sun part of the convention is run much like an OrigamiUSA (New York) convention. Each morning, everyone examines the "Model Menu" to see what classes they would like to take, and then lines up according to their lottery numbers and chooses their classes. Foreign attendees are typically given ticketing priority as a thank-you for traveling to the convention. The convention schedule and Model Menu will be in Japanese - we'll try to get it translated each morning in time for you to choose! Saturday lunch is usually in the university cafeteria with a nice range of choices, and pretty good, inexpensive food. Saturday night there is an optional reception/party (you must pay to attend), and things wrap up with an auction to benefit the Yoshino Fund on Sunday evening. (See Costs for current estimates of costs.)


On Monday, the 18th, there will be a day trip, by bus, to the Shizuoka/Mt. Fuji area. We'll leave Tokyo at 8 AM, and visit the Yoshizawa exhibition at Sano Art Museum and a museumof Tokushu Tokai Paper.  Lunch will be a buffet at Gotemba Kogen Resort

Korean Convention

The weekend following the Tanteidan convention (23rd-24th), the Korea Origami Association holds their annual convention, and visitors to 6OSME/Tanteidan are highly encouraged to stay on, if they can, and travel to Seoul for another fun weekend! You should plan on arriving no later than Friday evening (22nd), as the convention runs all day Saturday and Sunday, with a group banquet on Saturday night. Convention venue housing will only be available for Fri/Sat/Sun nights; if you wish to visit Seoul before the convention, or stay on afterwards, you'll need to use different hotels.


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