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It's a loooooooong plane flight...

No matter how you look at it, it takes a long time to fly from the US to Japan. If you are sensitive to airplane flight, or are very badly affected by jetlag, then make sure you've had a lot of rest before you go, and do everything you can to take care of yourself during the flight. Even once you arrive, it will still be several hours of traveling until you can get to your lodging. Be prepared.

Unless you're doing something unusual (like coming from elsewhere in Asia) you should fly in to Narita Airport outside of Tokyo. It's a few hours by bus/car (traffic is never good) and generally less by train from downtown Tokyo.

Try to arrange your flight so that it comes in around early afternoon - this will leave you enough time to get in to downtown Tokyo, get to GOH, and dump your stuff and check in before the gang heads out to dinner. If you're being met at the airport, we'll find you outside of the customs exit area. Don't go anywhere, we'll find you!


I wish I had some magic way to get great fares to Japan - shop early, use frequent flyer miles, and by all means, shop around!

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