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Tokyo is served by two major airports: Haneda Airport, just a bit outside downtown Tokyo, and Narita International Airport, 77 km (48 miles) east of Tokyo, in Chiba prefecture.

Haneda is easily accessible by train (which then connects to the Tokyo train and subway system), bus and taxi, and they have a detailed website describing your route options here.

However, most, though not all, international flights come into Narita, for which there are lots of travel options. Narita's airport access information describes the details.

My personal favorite - which is not the cheapest way, but is fast (remember, you'll be jetlagged, and hauling luggage around the train/subway system is hot & exhausting) and is very convenient for access to the part of the city where the convention is held - is the Keisei Skyliner. This dedicated train service runs direct from Narita through Nippori and ends at Keisei Ueno Station. It will cost about US$25. Taxi fare from the station to the Toyoko Inn at Korakuen depends on traffic, but is typically US$15.

If cost is a concern, then there are a variety of other cheaper (though slower) options - see the Narita access page for information on the other trains and bus options.

We generally create a (purely voluntary) group spreadsheet where people can list their travel plans, and thus facilitate groups traveling into the city together. Please contact us if you'd like to add your information, and maybe find someone to share the ride from the airport.

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