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My name's Anne LaVin. I've been a member of JOAS for some years, now, and have been to many Tanteidan conventions, as well as many business and personal travel trips in and around Tokyo. I studied Japanese formally for about 3 years, and informally on an irregular basis, which is enough to make me capable of conversing reasonably well, but not capable of reading a newspaper. (Hard to explain why, if you're only familiar with non-Asian languages; it's possible to be verbally quite fluent in Japanese and still be mostly illiterate, thanks to the nature of the writing system. Odd but true. I'm not fluent, by any means, but I can mostly get around.)

There's lots more stuff about me here, if you want to know.

I wrote this website over the course of several years - you're just reading the latest draft of it - to help out in the planning and execution of the Tanteidan conventions. Any feedback directly to me is most welcome, or use this contact form to reach this year's US volunteers.!

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