Masdar Institute Professor Khalid Askar and MIT Professors Michael Rubner and Robert Cohen discuss their solar panel coating optimization research.

MIT Professor Herbert Einstein and Masdar Institute Professor Rita Sousa collaborate with project team members at MIT.

MIT Professor Robert Cohen and Masdar Institute Professor Khalid Askar conducting research at MIT.

Full Spectrum Solar Energy Water Splitting for Storable Fuel Generation project joint team members Drs. Sang-Gook Kim, Alexie Kolpak, Jamie Viegas, Mustafa Jouiad, Yang Shao-Horn and Mahmoud Rasras attending a project team workshop at MIT.

The MIT & Masdar Institute Cooperative Program (MIT & MICP) is an ongoing collaborative program with Abu Dhabi providing advice and guidance to Masdar Institute, a graduate research university focusing on alternative energy, sustainability, advanced technologies, and innovation and entrepreneurship. In its first nine years, Masdar Institute has attracted international faculty and students, built an impressive campus and research laboratories using innovative technologies, and launched many collaborative research projects bringing together Masdar Institute and MIT researchers.

MIT & MICP offers MIT and Masdar Institute faculty and students access to new talent, ideas, collaborations, facilities and research infrastructure, research and educational funding, all in a rich environment for discovery.