Collaborative ResearchCollaborative Research

Active Flagship Research Projects

The Flagship Research Projects are a mechanism for collaborative research between Masdar Institute and MIT. Designed to bring together teams of faculty from both Masdar Institute and MIT to address key strategic research areas the intent is to build critical mass, make sizeable research impact, and potentially evolve into full-fledged research centers.

1. Development of Advanced Membrane Water Purification Systems Fabrication, Fouling Resistance, and System Configuration
Investigators at MIT: Professors John Lienhard, Karen Gleason, and Greg Rutledge
Investigators at Masdar Institute: Professors Hassan Arafat and Raed Hashaikeh

2. Ultimate Solar: High Efficiency Multi-junction Si-based Cells and Optical Concentrators
Investigators at MIT: Professors Gene Fitzgerald, Judy Hoyt, and Marc Baldo
Investigators at Masdar Institute: Professors Ammar Nayfeh, Marco Stefancich, Matteo Chiesa, and Marcus Dahlem

3. Climate, Water, Health and the Environment in Arid Regions
Investigators at MIT: Professors Elfatih Eltahir, Dara Entekhabi, and Dennis McLaughlin
Investigators at Masdar Institute: Professors Taha Ouarda, Annalisa Molini, Hosni Ghedira, and Inas Khayal

4. Biorefinery: Integrated Sustainable Processes for Biomass Conversion to Biomaterials, Biofuels and Fertilizer   
Investigators at MIT: Professors George Stephanopoulos, Kristala Prather, Yuriy Roman, Bradley Olsen   
Investigators at Masdar Institute: Professors Jens Ejbye Schmidt, Sgouris Sgourisdis, Mette Thomsen, and Lina F. Yousef

5. High-Performance Compact Solar Thermal Power and Cooling System
Investigators at MIT: Professors Evelyn Wang, Gang Chen, and Nicholas Fang
Investigators at Masdar Institute: Professors Tiejun Zhang, Amal Al Ghaferi, Michael Xiao, and Peter Armstrong

6. Information and Decision Architectures for Robustness, Resilience, and Risk Mitigation in Power Grids
Investigators at MIT: Professor Munther Dahleh, Dr. Mardavij Roozbehani, Professor Asuman Ozdaglar, and Professor Konstantin Turitsyn           
Investigators at Masdar Institute: Professors Jacob Crandall, Khaled Elbassioni, Vinod Khadkikar, and Mohamed El Moursi

7. Advanced Thermal Energy Storage System Directly Charged by Concentrated Solar Power
Investigators at MIT: Professor Alexander Slocum, Dr. Charles Forsberg, and Professor David Trumper
Investigators at Masdar Institute: Professors Nicolas Calvet, Saif Saeed Al Mheiri, and Tariq Shamim

8. Development of Advanced Microclimate and Urban Energy Analysis Modeling Environment and Its Validation by Wide Area Sensor Networks and Remote Sensing for Future Adaptation of Urban Infrastructure
Investigators at MIT: Professors Leslie Norford, Christoph Reinhart, and Steven Leeb
Investigators at Masdar Institute: Professors Prashanth Marpu, Zeyar Aung, Sid Chi-Kin Chau, and Afshin  Afshari

9. Full Spectrum Solar Energy Water Splitting for Storable Fuel Generation
Investigators at MIT: Professors Sang‐Gook Kim, Yang  Shao-Horn, and Alexie Kolpak
Investigators at Masdar Institute: Professors Firas Sammoura, Mahmoud Rasras, Ahmed Al Jaberi, and Jamie Viegas

With these nine active flagship projects, Masdar Institute is building its reputation in several important areas including:  water desalination technologies, solar power technologies, and  climate change and environmental impacts.