The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology's underpinning strength is its leading edge research focusing on energy, sustainability, water, food, health, and innovation. Joint research collaborations between Masdar Institute and MIT faculty address global energy and sustainability issues and seek to develop research and development capabilities in Abu Dhabi. Research activities are intended to have scientific, social, and economic merit globally and within the UAE and are evaluated by a Research Advisory Committee from both Masdar Institute and MIT.

The robust research system includes projects at multiple scales, from individual single-investigator projects, to group or team research efforts. Some of these research efforts involve only Masdar Institute faculty, others involve MIT and Madar Institute faculty working on one-to-one joint collaborative research projects and yet other research efforts involve teams from each side.

Chart showing multidisciplinary research at Masdar Institute
Multi-disciplinary, integrated approach to education and research at Masdar Institute

One-to-One Joint Collaborative Research

One-to-One (1:1) research builds upon and strengthens the strong relationship between MI and MIT and involves one MIT principal investigator (PI) and one MI PI. Forty-seven 1:1 projects have been completed so far and eight are current now.

Joint Flagship Research

The scope of the Flagship Research Projects reinforces and deepens Masdar Institute's core mission and values, and its signature research vision. These joint research projects are meant to focus on issues of interest and high potential impact to the Abu Dhabi government and industry, such as the development of environmental technologies; energy and water resources; alternative energy-related technologies; advanced strategic technologies in support of Abu Dhabi's development goals; and climate and sustainability needs. All nine Flagship Research Projects established over the past two and a half years are currently active.

Chart showing evolution of research
Evolution of research from seed funding to center establishment.