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Faculty and Students

Masdar Institute Faculty

Since December of 2006, MIT vetted more than 5,000 faculty applications, resulting in the hiring of Masdar Institute faculty members listed below. Masdar Institute faculty had diverse backgrounds and received their PhDs from schools in the United States and abroad including Harvard University, MIT, Purdue University, Rice University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Cambridge (UK), University of Porto (Portugal) and University of Waterloo (Canada).

Masdar Institute faculty became members of the Khalifa University faculty at the time of the merger. Prior to the merger, Masdar Institute had 78 faculty members. For information regarding current faculty at Khalifa University, please see the Khalifa University website.

Masdar Institute Students

Prior to the merger, enrollment grew from 89 students in 2009 to 420 students in 2015, including 284 MSc students and 136 Ph.D. students.

For the MSc program, the male to female ratio was 52% to 48%, and there was an approximately even distribution of Emirati and international students.

Masdar Institute: The Student Perspective