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MIT collaborated with the Masdar Institute to facilitate the development of human capacity in science and technology in Abu Dhabi. Masdar Institute developed a high-caliber workforce, focused on research and development, that could keep pace with ever-increasing technological changes with a focus on alternative sustainable energy.

“We envision a science and technology network connecting ... institutions in key regions of the world. We believe that this approach is an exciting and important part not only of MIT's future but that of Masdar Institute's as well; a future in which MIT and its partner institutions work in a collaborative, creative and fruitful way, strengthening the core values that underlie MIT's excellence and that of its partner institutions.”
L. Rafael Reif, MIT President (then Provost), November 16, 2011


Group photo

Masdar Institute Ph.D. students visiting with MIT & Masdar Institute Cooperative Program staff, fall 2014.