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MIT and MI Engagement

The MIT and MI engagement began in December 2006 with MIT's Technology and Development Program. Since then:

  • 123 MIT faculty and 134 research scientists or postdocs from 26 different centers, labs, and departments at MIT have participated.
  • 339 MIT graduate students from 22 different departments, labs, and centers have had funded interactions with MI faculty, students, and staff.
  • More than 25 conferences and workshops abroad have been attended by MIT students under this program.
MIT and MI professors and researchers together at Madsar MI Professor Andreas Henschel speaking with MIT PhD student Pres Reif w/Masdar Students MIT PhD student and MI Professor Lina Yousef
MIT President Susan Hockfield at Masdar Institute event in Abu Dhabi MI Professor Matteo Chesia with student at MIT, 2008 MI Professor Sgouris Sgourdis at MIT student event at MIT 2008 MIT and MI personnel at MIT event