Choosing an Advisor

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Self-evaluation tool

Before choosing an advisor, consider what aspects are most important to you:

What to ask potential advisors

During Open House chats, consider asking about:

How to choose a good grad school advisor

Choosing an advisor is crucial. Look for support, mentorship, and opportunities for career development. Consider the advisor's interaction frequency, how projects are assigned and managed, and whether the advisor cares about the students' well-being.

Ideal learning opportunities

Your PhD should offer you chances to excel in your field, identify key research questions, document research succinctly, and give engaging presentations. It should also help you learn teaching and mentoring skills, establish a scientific network, and deal with challenges effectively.

Additional considerations

Advisors often prefer students who match their style and personality. Speak with current group members to get insights into the group dynamics and the advisor's style.

Remember, it's important to trust your instincts. If something doesn't feel right, it may require more consideration or a change in direction.