Request a Reimbursement Online

Reimbursements (for dinners, other events, mentoring lunches, or taxi rides) are filed at

Choose "My Reimbursements > Request a Reimbursement for Me" and enter:

  1. The date of your receipt
  2. The G/L (Choose from drop down choices or leave blank if unsure), e.g. 421200 for food
  3. The cost object will be our account number: 1525004 (Graduate Womxn in Physics)
  4. Description of what the reimbursement is for (e.g., what the event was and how many people attended)
  5. After entering in all information, attach your scanned receipt
  6. Send your RFP to Sydney Miller and Karma Yangzom

Taxi Rides

If you need to get home, in particular when it's very late at night, we will reimburse your cab fare in some circumstances. The intent is that any one student will use this at most a few times a semester, and only for transportation between MIT and their apartment, so please don't abuse the program. Valid reasons for using this program include: working very late at MIT so usual means of transportation won't work (i.e. the subway stopped running because it's so late), you are sick or so exhausted that you need a cab to get home safely (at any time of the day), or you feel unsafe for some other reason. If you have questions about whether a particular circumstance would be eligible for reimbursement, please contact us.