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5: Adding Geodata to ArcView or ArcGIS

Once you perform a search using either the Basic Search or Advanced Search interface the results of your search can be added to ArcView or ArcGIS.

Add Layer:
To add a layer to ArcView or ArcGIS you first need to perform a search. Use the Basic Search interface to find the layers you are interested. In the results dialog select the layer you would like to add to you view. Press the add selected layer button and your layer will be added to the view.

The search results dialog will remain active on your screen, so it may be hard to determine if the layer has been added. Move the results dialog to the side and you will see your layer has been added to the view. The data may add slowly. In ArcGIS, if you move the results dialog, the drawing will stop. Click the layer's checkbox off and on; then it will re-draw.

Once the data is added to your view you can analyze the data using ArcView or ArcGIS tools.

Go to tutorial 6: Analyzing Data in the Geodata Repository>




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