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2: Advanced Search

The Advanced Search dialog allows you to be specific about what geodata you need.

Let's use the Advanced Search dialog to find a data layer for Massachusetts rivers.

Select the Search Type : Place and enter "Massachusetts" in the text box.

Than select AND, to specify that you want all the files the are about "Massachusetts" AND ...

Than select the Search Type : Subject and enter "river*".

Press the search button to find all the files that are of "Massachusetts" AND "river*."

The results dialog will appear with only one result for Massachusetts rivers. This might not be the only file with Massachusetts rivers. For example, the U.S. Rivers file might contain Massachusetts rivers, along with rivers for all the other 50 states. However, this result gave us what we asked for, only the files of rivers within Massachusetts.

If you can not find the file you need using the advanced search you may need to be less specific. For example, if you wanted to find Massachusetts ecoregions and did not find anything when you entered "Massachusetts" AND "ecoregion*" in the Advanced Search dialog. You should try entering just "ecoregion*." This will return a result for world ecoregions, which includes areas in Massachusetts.

Make sure that you select the right search type.

Make sure to select the correct Boolean operator (AND, OR, NOT).
• The AND operator retrieves records in which all your search terms are present.
• Using OR broadens your search.
• Using NOT narrows your search. Example: subject keyword = Massachusetts NOT subject keyword = rivers.

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