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1: Basic Search

The Basic Search dialog is the first dialog you will see when you open the Geodata Search Tool.

Let's try to find Massachusetts River data on the spatial data server using the Geodata Search Tool.

Pick a search type : Subject and enter "river*: in the search for field. This search will find all the data files in our spatial data server that have the subject river or river(s). Press the Search button.

A results dialog will appear with a large number of data layers that have the subject river.

Notice that the * wildcard used in the query allowed you to find all instances of river including those where river is plural. Using wildcards and search techniques will help you find the data you need. Check the Search Hints page for Geodata Search techniques.

To find Massachusetts rivers we need to scroll through a long list of results. We can narrow these results by using the Advanced Search.

Go to tutorial 2: Advanced Search >.




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