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3: Search Results

The search results dialog allows you to determine the appropriateness of the file(s) you found and add those layers to your ArcView or ArcGIS project.

Results of all searches appear in the search results dialog. Below you will find the results of a search on Massachusetts.

If you highlight a layer and and press the View Metadata button a FGDC format Metadata file will appear. This file lists key information about the geodata layer. You can use it to determine scale, attribute and creation information for the geodata layers.

Highlight the layer (Massachusetts Block Groups) that you are interested in and click on the Add selected layer to view. This will add the layer to your active view. The search results dialog will remain active on your screen, so it may be hard to determine if the layer has been added. Move the results dialog to the side and you will see your layer is added to the view.

If you would like to search for different layers you can use the search again button

Go to tutorial 4 : View Metadata>


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