Commuting the MITway

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We are a bridge between MIT staff members and
the Parking and Transportation Office.

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This website is a production of the commuting subcommittee ,
part of the working group on support staff issues.




About Us

It is the mission of the Commuting Task Group to address safety and security issues relating to transportation and parking issues and concerns, to maintain and strengthen capable representation and interaction with other MIT Community groups on the Institute’s Transportation and Parking Committee, and to advocate for Support Staff in a positive and productive manner.

Our task group will continue to advocate impartially for the Support Staff community to resolve parking and transit issues as they arise:

  • We promote alternatives and improvements for ways to commute to MIT.
  • We increase awareness of acceptable parking to ensure that everyone with a parker sticker has a parking space.
  • We encourage respectful parking- "Park Within the Lines"
  • We make recommendations to improve parking conditions as they are brought to our attention.
  • Joe Hankins, Co-Chair
  • Robynn Cruz
  • Lena Davis
  • Carol Frederick
  • M. Blossom Hoag
  • Shawna MacDonald
Commuting Subcommittee