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Green Options

Listed as one of New England's Best Workplaces for Commuters, MIT has many initiatives to encourage employees and students to take public transportation. For example: T-passes are subsidized by 50%, making subway travel more affordable. Certainly there is the tried and true way of getting around, and that is walking. Around campus there are many bicycle racks (car free in boston resources; bike maps, etc.). Motorcyclists also have designated spaces.

MIT members get a discount when they show their MIT id to use PlanetTran's service to Logan Airport or local destination. Like a prearranged taxi service, Plant Tran features hybrid cars obtaining 40 miles per gallon in fuel efficiency. Between MIT Main Campus and Logan Airport the flat round-trip rate is very competitive, currently set at $69.00, and includes tip and tolls. Further benefits for event planners and area managers are monthly inoice and group tracking options. Here are one rider's recent experiences.

Similarly MIT has a partnership with Zipcar, a neighborhood car rental service. MIT community members sign up for the service ahead of time, then when they need a car they go online to reserve it. Special parking is available to car or van pools (National Green Car Club).

Two shuttle services are operated by MIT to help members get around the campus: The Tech Shuttle and SafeRide operated by MIT. For those who need an emergency ride home, the Guaranteed Ride Home Program can support those living near or at a distance. This requires registering first, and there is a maximum use of once per month, up to six times a year.

If you have any ideas or concerns about these or other programs email or use the form to send us your concern.