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Travel Tips and Affiliations


Rated as the one of the top discount airlines with leather seats, folding headrests and more

Provides a discount on the SuperShuttle that will take you from JFK to hotels in Manhattan and back, $15/person for shared ride transport.


The plane/train alternative from the Hilton in Boston to the Hilton in Manhattan with internet hookup, a hostess, and a light meal provided. 3 1/2 - 4 hours

Free parking at the Sheraton Framingham if boarded there.

Provides a 15% discount on the Hilton on 6th Avenue where it arrives/departments.

Club Quarters

If you don't have a favorite hotel in NYC, your MIT affiliation allows you to stay at the Club Quarters near the theatre district, 40 West 45th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues), within a block of the NY stock exchange in lower Manhattan, or in various other cities around the country for incredibly low prices. Visit the MIT Travel Office web site for price information for this and other hotels. Club Quarters is geared for business travelers, not tourists who want to fall in love with their hotel or want a large number of amenities. It tends to be in great locations in the various cities at extremely affordable prices.