Commuting the MITway

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We are a bridge between MIT staff members and
the Parking and Transportation Office.

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This website is a production of the commuting subcommittee ,
part of the working group on support staff issues.




Projects Completed

Fiscal Year 2009 (July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009)

$25 gift certificate to Cambridge Bicycle Shop - winner is Jarina Shrestha, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
$25 gift card to Cosi Restaurant - winner is Beth Downing, Medical Department.
One pedometer - winner is April Holland, undergraduate first year.

Fiscal Year 2008 (July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008)

June 12, 2008
-Awarded prizes on behalf of our Commuting Subcommittee and the Membership Committee at the annual Support Staff Appreciation Luncheon, held in Walker Cafeteria.
Four safety strobe lights for biking, jogging, or walking - winners are Cheryl Cagnina, and Linda Williams, Laboratory for Nuclear Science; Carol Clark, Medical Department; & Denise LeBlanc, Controller's Accounting Office.
Four $25 prepaid Charlie Cards - winners are Alina Altman, Medical Department; Ken Greene, Department of Materials Science and Engineering; June Haggar, Enterprise Services; & Jean Paul Manga, Controller's Accounting Office.
Two $25 Tech Cash Cards compliments of the WGSSI Membership Committee &Tech Cash - winners are Lis Garner, Department of Architecture & Michele Hudak, Office of Sponsored Programs.
One $25 MIT COOP Card compliments of the WGSSI Membership Committee & MIT COOP - winner is Cheryl Mottley, Center for Biomedical Innovation.

January 24, 2008-Sponsored IAP Biking Class entitled: Biking to MIT: the Fear, the Gear and the Cheer. Presented by Sheila Fay. Awarded 2 $25 prepaid Charlie Cards and 1 bicycle light. Refreshments also served. Winners included one MIT undergrad and one graduate student plus one staff member.

December 6-Door Prize Winners at the Working Group on Support Staff Issues' monthly meeting,
held in the Marlar Lounge

Awarded two talking podometers, one safety light for biking, walking, or jogging, and one [unused] birthday card.

Fiscal Year 2007 (July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2007)

June 14-
Door Prize Winners at the Support Staff Appreciation Luncheon, held in Walker Cafeteria:

Three "$25 towards transportation" prizes were awarded. Our winners are Karen Luxton of Laboratory for Energy and the Environment, Laura Lucero of the Libraries, and Sophea Chan of Center for Environmental Health Sciences. Congratulations, Karen, Laura, and Sophea!

Two pedometers were awarded. Our winners are Laura Anderson and Czeslaw Jankowski of the Libraries. Bravo, Laura and Czeslaw!

Four safety lights for biking or walking at night were awarded. Our winners are Robynn Cruz of Department of Facilities, Valarie Poitier of the Office of the Dean for Student Life, Sandra Crawford-Jenkins of the Sloan School of Management, and Carolyn Dulong of the Nuclear Reactor Laboratory. Cheers to Robynn, Valarie, Sandra, and Carolyn!

April 26-
Darlene Ferranti of the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences won a $25 prepaid Charlie Card at MIT's Earth Day celebration in the Stata Center.

April 24-
Shelly Issac of Department of Housing won $25 towards carpool parking fees at the MIT Tech Railroad Club mini-tour and presentation held at the Railroad Club in the MIT Museum building.

March 13-
Sonia Jones of Student Financial Services won $25 towards an MBTA LinkPass at the MIT Transportation Fair held in the Stata Center.

January 8-
Beth Brennan of the MIT Libraries won an MBTA LinkPass at the IAP kickoff in Lobby 10.

October 12-Amy Donovan of Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology won a bicycle ornament at the Working Group on Support Staff Issues' monthly meeting held in the Grier Room.

Fiscal Year 2006 (July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2006)

March 23- The Commuting Task Group sponsored a lunchtime commuting bicycle skills seminar on Thursday from 12-1 pm in 3-270. MassBike, the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition presented the seminar, which included tips on choosing the right bike and gear, choosing the best route, riding safely in traffic, preventing theft of equipment, cycling at night and in bad weather. A question and answer session followed.

June 14-Sharon Westerfeld of the Office of the Dean for Student Life won an MBTA Combo T-Pass at the Support Staff Appreciation Luncheon held in Walker.

June 14-
Ten staff members won a toy Prius car at the Support Staff Appreciation Luncheon held in Walker. They work in the following departments: MIT Card Office, Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab, Controller's Accounting Office, Department of Chemistry, Department of Facilities, Department of Housing, Registrar's Office, Medical Department, Picower Center for Learning & Memory, and School of Science. The hatch lifts! Enjoy!

April 27-
Guner Celik, a graduate student in the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science won an MBTA Combo Plus T-Pass at Earth Day held in the Stata Center.

March 15
-Helen Rose of the Office of Development Research and Systems won an MBTA combo T-Pass at MIT's Transportation Fair in Lobby 10.

January 9
-Xiumin Zeng, a year 1 undergraduate student, won an MBTA Combo T-Pass at our IAP event in Lobby 10.

Fiscal Year 2005 (July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2005)

June 7-Katie Harris of Document Services, MIT Libraries, won an MBTA T-Pass at MIT's Support Staff Appreciation Luncheon sponsored by the Working Group on Support Staff Issues (Morse Hall, Walker).

Shirley Entzminger of the Department of Mathematics won an MBTA T-Pass at Artists Behind the Desk concert featuring singer Alecia Batson (Killian Hall).

April 28--Carol Niemi of the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics won an MBTA T-Pass at MIT's Earth Day celebration. The drawing was held in the Stata Center, although there were events in several locations throughout the day, all sponsored by the Working Group Recycling Committee part of the Working Group on Support Staff Issues.

April 8--George Hall, from the Research Laboratory of Electronics, won an MBTA Combo T-Pass as a result of attending the Support Staff Open House and Spring Social Gathering hosted by the Membership Committee of the Working Group on Support Staff Issues (Bush Room, 10-105).

March 16--Kelley Brown, from the Department of Facilities, won an MBTA Combo T-pass at the Artists Behind the Desk Poetry and Writer Reading (Killian Hall)

Sept. 30--Daniel Guarda, a Mechanical Engineering major from the class of 2006, won an MBTA T-Pass from the Fall Transportation Fair (Lobby 10).

June 18, 2004--Julie Fernandes of Barker Library, Sonia Jones of Student Financial Services, Tatyana Lugovskaya of the Media Laboratory, Ave Rongone of the Medical Department are door prize winners of either a T-pass or PlanetTran Airport Service at the Support Staff Appreciation Luncheon

April 6, 2004-- Rita Del Prete of the Copy Technology Centers won our T pass door prize drawing at the WGSSI Spring Social

We brought to the Parking and Tranportation office's attention the need to repave the motorcycle parking area behind the MIT Press Bookstore in the Hayward Lot. The area had some cement, but the rest was dirt and stone. Motorcyclists had to bring their own wood to stand up their bike; now the ground will be flat and reliable. The work was done by Facilities, dependent upon the weather and scheduling in advance. A notice was posted a week before the work completed.

Our efforts resulted in approval to remove a section of fence in the parking lot adjacent to W89. Work was supposed to be performed in Summer 2003, but closure of the Professional Learning Center resulted in this work going uncompleted.

Desired outcome: When another department occupies this building they may need quick and close access from the parking lot to the building to carry boxes of materials. Currently a small gap separates the building from a metal post and is too tight for people to safely and adequately maneuver with boxes. Until the fence is removed and a pathway is made, occupants will need to carry materials to the entrance of the parking lot, located in the center of the lot, and walk down the street parallel with the parking lot, to the building's entrance. Facilities had a work order to remove this portion of fence, but the work was not performed following announcement that the Professional Learning Center was closing.

Begun in the Fall of 2003, we now provide information on our expanded neighborhood to assist our colleagues at work. We gratefully accept information about other web sites that are helpful.


A member of our task group continues to serve as representative to the Working Group, meeting semi-annually.

  • At the May 9, 2003 meeting we continued to advocate for lower parking fees.
  • MBTA T-pass increases will continue to be subsidized at the current rate.
  • This representation provides us with a voice when decisions are being made that impact Support Staff.

Suggested, to Mr. John McDonald, subsidizing parking at MBTA lots in addition to offering T-Pass subsidies to provide greater ease in getting to and from MIT at more affordable rates than parking at MIT offers. Mr. McDonald said that it could be done provided sufficient interest and funds to support it.

We continued to advocate for a pathway adjacent to W89 from the parking lot, calling upon our connections/associations with the Transportation and Parking Office. A request was issued from Larry Brutti's office to start creating the new pathway. See future plans/works in progress for next steps.

Presented Zipcar, an alternative to rental car companies, at a Chemical Engineering departmental staff meeting in December 2002 and followed up with questions I couldn't answer immediately.

Distributed the small maps this fiscal year. The pocket-sized maps are in their second printing, having undergone some changes as building construction was completed or addresses identified for their locations.

Our task group met with Mr. Larry Brutti, Office Manager of the Parking and Transportation Office, to discuss relevant issues including the move of the Kendall MIT Tech Shuttle stop.

Designed a web page for the Working Green web site, with a transportation options with an environment-friendly -friendly environment slant, at the invitation of the Recycling Committee.