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Parking at MIT

There are some handicap parking spaces on the MIT campus, aside from spaces designated in parking lots and garages: two on Memorial Drive, one in front of Walker Memorial, building 50, and two on Portland Street going north, one right outside the entrance to the MIT Credit Union, building NE48.

With a campus located in a urban area parking is at a premium. For employees a parking space is dependent on the allocation given to your department/office. Students are eligible to apply for space. Parking lot specifications vary, please see the parking zones for more information. MIT has an online map showing all parking lots on campus. Lots are all shaded in beige with the exception of the highlighted one in red.

For visitors there are local lots, where one can pay by the hour or for the day, and metered on-street parking. Invited visitors may obtain a parking pass at a lower rate from the department they are visiting. However, these passes do not gaurentee a space for the visitor. Passes can be used in the Hayward and East Lots. MIT also offers rates for event parking.

There are discounted reserved car/van pool spaces. One person, and no more, within each vehicle pool may apply for the parking space.The payment for the space can then be taken out of that person's paycheck each month or the cost may be paid in full at the start of each year's new cycle (currently August).


Park Within the Lines Campaign

Developed to help employees and students at MIT avoid tickets, the Parking within the Lines Campaign was begun in 2000. Here are visual examples of right and wrong parking positions:

Out of Bounds Car In Bounds Car