Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Spring 2002
MWF 10, 4-231


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Additional Examples

These are older problems; most of them have solutions. Disclaimer: The solutions were made by others before us (current instructors). While the solution methods are generally sound, we are not guaranteeing that they are completely relevant, accurate, and optimal. Do NOT use these problems as reference. Use them as what they are: practice problems.

A few problems are not suitable for us because different semesters may cover some different materials; e.g. colligative property and availability/exergy were not discussed in Spring 2002. Please contact us if you have questions.

Fall 2000

Final    Problem and Solution

Spring 2001

Practice Exam 1, Partial Solution
Practice Exam 2 Solutions


PS1,   solution - Kinetic and Potential Energy, Work, Heat, Isothermal Compression
PS2,   solution - P-V diagrams, Isobaric Expansion, 1st Law for Closed Systems, Enthalpy Change for constant P Processes
PS3,   solution - P-T diagrams, Saturation (vapor pressure), Antoine's Equation
PS4,   solution - Non-Ideal Gas Behavior, Virial EOS, Compressibility
PS5,   solution - Non-Ideal Gas Behavior, Lee/Kessler Generalized Correlations, Cubic EOS
PS6,   solution - Heat Capacity and Temperature, Heat Interactions, Average Heat Capacity for Enthalpy
PS7,   solution - Non-Ideal Gass Behavior, Residual Properties, Lee/Kessler Generalized Correlations, lnP vs. H Diagrams
PS8,   solution - lnP vs. H diagram, Tables of Thermodynamics Data, Saturation (Vapor Pressure), Theory of Corresponding States, Steam Tables
PS9,   solution - Material Balances
PS10, solution - Material Balances
PS11, solution - Material and Energy Balances
PS12, solution - Refrigeration Cycle
PS13, solution - Energy Balance
PS14, solution - Carnot Cycle, Reversible Cycles
PS15, solution - Material and Energy Balance (not Steady State)
PS16, solution - Availability / Lost Work
PS17, solution - Compressor/Turbine, Steam Table, Lost Work
PS18, solution - Partial Molar Property, V-x diagram
PS19, solution - Excess Property
PS20, solution
PS21, solution - Pxy diagram
PS22, solution - Flash calculation, Material Balance + Phase Equilibrium
PS23, solution - Solution Model from Pxy Data
PS24, solution - Bubble Point, Dew Point, Azeotrope
PS25, solution - Colligative Property, Freezing Point Depression
PS26, solution
PS27, solution


PS1,   solution - Heat Capacity, Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium, Cubic EOS, Expansion Work of a Non-Ideal Gas
PS2,   solution - Residual Properties, Generalized Correlations, Reduced Properties, Thermodynamic Properties and Partial Derivatives
PS3,   solution - Mass Balance (steady state, no reaction)
PS4,   solution - Mass Balance (with reaction), Energy Balance
PS5,   solution - Energy Balance
PS6,   solution - 2nd Law, Coefficient of Performance, Availability, Maximum Work
PS7,   solution - Chemical Potential, Isothermal Compression, Antoine's Equation, Raoult's Law
PS8,   solution - Mass and Energy Balance, Lewis/Randall Rule, Raoult's Law, Poynting Correction
PS9,   solution - Partial Molar Properties, Gibbs-Duhem, Antoine's Equation, Activity Coefficient, Modified Raoult's
PS10, solution - Reaction Equilibrium, Independant Reactions, Energy Balance


PS1,   solution - Equations of State, P-V Diagrams, Compression Work, Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium
PS2,   solution - Heat of Vaporization, Non-Ideal Gas, Steam Tables, Generalized Correlations
PS3,   solution - Mass Balances
PS4,   solution - Energy Balances, Binary VLE, Bubble and Dew Point Calculations
PS5,   solution - Energy Balances, lnP vs. H Diagrams
PS6,   solution
PS7,   solution - Binary VLE, T-x and T-y Diagrams, Raoult's Law, Bubble and Dew Point Calculations
PS8,   solution - Fugacity, Excess Gibbs Free Energy, Generalized Correlations, Binary VLE
PS9,   solution - Models for Excess Gibbs Free Energy, Azeotropes, Antoine's Equation, Henry's Law, Vapor Pressure, P-x and P-y Diagrams

Old Exams

1999 Exam 1,   solution - Non-ideal EOS, Work Calculation, Extensive and Intensive Volume, PV Diagram
1999 Exam 3,   solution - Material & Energy Balance, Ideal Work, Excess Property, Phase Equilibrium
1999 Exam 4,   solution - Phase Equilibrium
1995 Exam 1,   solution - Thermodynamic tables and diagrams, Saturated vapor and liquid, Cp(T), S and H calculations, Ideal and Non-ideal gases, Expansion, Virial EOS, PV diagrams
1995 Exam 2,   solution - Turbine expansion, Non-ideal gases, Steam tables, Actual and maximum work, Open system material and energy balances
1995 Exam 3,   solution - Binary VLE, Vapor pressure, Saturdated vapor and liquid, Solid-vapor equilibrium, Fugacity, Virial EOS, Activity coefficient, Heat of mixing
1994 Exam 1,   solution - Cp(T), Virial EOS, H and S calculations, Saturation and Vaporization, Mollier Diagram, Expansions, Non-ideal gas behavior
1994 Exam 2,   solution - Energy balances, ln(P)-H diagrams, Minimum Work
1994 Exam 3,   solution - Change in entropy for mixing, Lost Work, Vapor Pressure, Binary VLE, Dew and bubble points